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Future of Marketing

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Google Zeitgeist CEO Summit 2007 - Dr Patrick Dixon introduces future of marketing and why traditional advertising is dead in an online world ruled by virtual communities.

New consumer values will demand a new approach to marketing

  • Get ready for the greatest shift in consumer values for fifty years
  • Fundamental attitude / fashion changes are about to sweep through society
  • More powerful than internet, biotech and globalisation combined
  • Accelerated dramatically by recent events, chaos and uncertainty
  • Huge future impact on all marketing activity, business and personal decisions
  • Became obvious to me as a Futurist as well as a physician

Big questions about the value of "progress"

  • The revolution began shortly before the Millennium - the New Dawn
  • We've never had so much, consumed so much, enjoyed so much
  • A century of science, medicine and technology has improved our lives
  • Yet it's left us time-hungry, seeking greater work-life balance and meaning
  • Deep issues remain untouched in our families and neighbourhoods
  • We created a global village without knowing how to live together inside it
  • Opened the doors to designer life, cloned babies, biotech war and more
  • Result: people asking questions - does more always mean better?

The ultimate marketing slogan or advertising banner

  • We build a better world for you - the greatest claim of all
  • A better future for you, your business and your world
  • It also happens to be the reason for everything that people buy and do
  • Improving something, in some way, somewhere, for themselves /someone else
  • People like to feel the world is a better place with them living in it
  • That's why 60% of Americans enthusiastically give a total 20 billion hours a year to worthy causes - equivalent in value to 4% of the entire US economy
  • They want to feel good about what they do and buy

One simple truth is the key to all marketing in future

  • Building a Better World is the big value, the key to selling in future
  • Four Corners of the Human Heart motivate us, but marketers focus on one
  • Satisfy Individuals - basis of most advertising campaigns
  • Support Family - your inner circle of special people
  • Strengthen Community - your neighborhood, city, nation
  • Sustain The World - life on earth, environment, your own world

Connect with all the passions people have and they'll follow you to the ends of the earth to support your business. They'll spread goodwill, work hard for you - buy your products, your services and your stock with pride. You'll attract the best people, form highly motivated teams, sell the strongest brands with greatest purpose and highest values, promising all a better future.

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