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Watch Patrick Dixon present at Google global marketing conference.

Watch a wide variety of entire conference keynotes to different kinds of audiences over the last few years, read notes on each event, and look at slides.  Each is the result of detailed research into audience, industry and event themes. Patrick Dixon has given keynotes in over 50 nations to many of the world's largest multinationals - see clients. Keynotes below, or parts of them, have been watched by over 5 million people.

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Videos are of course a very shallow and partial record of what actually happens to an individual in an audience. Some things only happen when you gather people together.  It's almost a spiritual thing. Videos can never capture the powerful "electricity" generated between a world-class speaker and a live audience. Being there, breathing the same air, sharing in the audience experience as an entire group shifts attitude, perspective, expectation and direction. Videos can inform, but shared events are more likely to transform.  It's about seeing the world in new ways: revelation, rather than information. We live in a world of data overload - so best events are always about more than data. They are about personal and corporate change, insight, foresight, vision, strategy.

Watch this keynote for HUPAC - global rail company on transport trends - for multi-language audience.  Each keynote is customised, created for each event. That is why presentation style varies from vast screen multimedia, high octane "theatre" in front of 4,500 people, to TV studio-type fast-moving multiscreen for several hundred people, to more traditional banquet halls, or more intimate events for 50-100 or board room style, informal workshops and seminars.  Speed of delivery also varies - depending on language mix present, interpretation and so on.  You will find more videos, articles, slides and other resources on this site than from any other event speaker - we think.  Discuss your own event today: phone or e-mail Patrick Dixon now.

Future of Leadership, Motivation: How to Create World Class Events

 Over 300,000 views across all platforms. Future leadership, management, motivation - and how to run world-class corporate events, conferences, workshops and seminars.

45 minute keynote for MPI. Audience: 4,500 leaders of executive education and development, corporate event organisers, course leaders at Business Schools. Format: multiscreen, formal conference, high tech format. Location: Las Vegas. Slides: Future of Conferencing and Corporate Events


Great events change people. Future corporate events: motivational leadership programmes, executive education, team development, seminars, workshops, groups, forums, think tanks, team building exercises and client events. Effective management depends on great communication of leadership vision, mission and strategy. Conference organisation and event planning. Great leadership speeches, motivational tools for team leadership, and how to communicate with large audiences. Change management, business transformation and vision building. How to motivate business leaders for high performance, profitability and shareholder value. Secrets of successful corporate events, and how to give a great, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, powerful CEO keynote speech. Effective executive education, programme development and manager training. Work-life balance and workplace motivation, leadership styles and team building. Staff retention, motivation, recruitment and talent development. University degree courses, MBAs and career progression. Why staging, lighting, theatre and performance really matter in successful corporate events. Videoconferencing, virtual teams, virtual working and virtual organisations why most people do not like videoconferencing and how to make video interviews or presentations work in conference programmes. How to create and deliver great lectures using powerpoint and other technology. Innovation and creativity in conference planning or business school programmes. Impact of global warming, climate change and energy prices on demand for corporate events, corporate travel and event location. Secrets of great event production, staging and use of multimedia.

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Future of Business Travel - for American Express

Future of business travel, aviation, hotels, hospitality and travel agents.  40 minute keynote for clients of American Express. Location:  Moscow.  Format: "TV studio".


Future of hotels, airlines and travel agents -- innovation in the travel industry.  Future of business travel and leisure travel. Strategies of travel companies and global corporations are being overtaken by events.  Impact of energy prices on future of aviation and global travel. Expect spectacular growth of aviation and rail travel in emerging economies such as China and India.  The irresistible human desire to travel, explore, and gain new experiences will underpin consistent global growth in travel and tourism, despite new carbon and aviation taxes. Business travel will grow every year over the next 20-30 years, powered by growth in emerging markets, while travel within the EU and the US will remain relatively static.  Russia internal and international air travel will also grow rapidly.  Asia will represent more than 40% of the global economy in Purchasing Power Parity by 2015. China travel bookings are already worth more than $100bn a year of which $15bn was booked online in 2012 -- up 500% on 2008 figures.  Expect huge changes in how people are organizing their own travel. It is true that videoconferencing is growing 20% a year but not enough to curtail business travel. Russian online travel bookings are growing 20% a year -- already $90bn of business a year in 2012.   Old style travel agents will struggle in Russia in future.

Future of Retail Industry, Mobile Payments, Multichannel Customers, Fusion of Online and Offline - for BNP Paribas

Retail industry trends. 40 minute keynote for BNP Paribas in Bulgaria. Audience: 400 senior leaders of large retail chains.  Format:  theatre.  Location: Bulgaria.


Future of shopping malls, shopping experience and online shopping.  E-commerce, m-commerce and price comparison sites - impact on retail chains and smaller stores. Growth of convenience stores and trends in sales of white goods, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), future of furniture sales and auto sales.  Competition between online and offline sales.  Shopping and improving customer experience. Retail as entertainment, leisure retailing.  Shopping malls as leisure destinations.  Mergers and consolidation to form large retail chains.  Growth of niche specialist retailers.  Dealing with the last mile.  Growth of home delivery, logistics, warehousing and supply chain management.  Growth of both budget brands and premium brands and competitive pressures mid-market.  Growth of middle class consumers in emerging markets.  Fusion of offline and online worlds. Impact of mobile devices / smartphones on purchasing decisions by consumers.  Tesco, Wall-Mart and Carrefour growth and impact on national brands.  Retailing trends in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, UK and rest of EU / Central Europe and Eastern Europe.  How large grocery retailers use consumer research to control customer journeys through large stores.  Growth of self-service.  Future of marketing, advertising, and call-centres. Improving customer experience on your corporate website.  Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon - speaking at client event for retailers in Bulgaria.

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Future of the Travel and Tourism Industries - Google

Travel and Tourism future trends. 35 minute keynote for Google. Audience: 250 senior leaders from travel and tourism companies. Format: tiered rows, theatre style with raised stage. Location: London. Slides: Similar presentation given to Portuguese Tourist Board - Future of tourism, travel industry


Future of the travel industry, leisure travel, tourism, holiday travel and business travel trends. Package holidays and city breaks. Lifestyle and demographic changes older travellers, single travellers. Long haul and short haul, future of airline industry, rail, tour operators and cruise vacations. How travel customers are changing and influenced by social networking sites such as tripadvisor. Why market research can give wrong messages to marketing teams. Future of hotels and self-catering accommodation. Ecotourism, adventure holidays and experiences. Discount travel and budget operators quality and service balanced against price and value. Popular destinations and investment opportunities in the travel industry. Selling travel packages online and through new digital channels such as iphone apps, mobile devices, Twitter campaigns.

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Take Hold of Your Future - $40 Trillion Green Tech Boom - for Suez Environmental

Green Tech Innovation. 35 minute keynote for Suez Environmental. Audience: 200 of global leadership team from Suez Environmental. Format: multiscreen, TV studio type, high tech format. Location: Morocco. Slides: Future of Water and Waste


The $40 trillion green tech revolution could transform the future of our planet, with innovations that will provide answers to global warming if rolled out on a large enough scale. Impact of technologies already available in energy industry, water conservation, carbon reduction, recycling, power transmission over long distances, alternative power generation, buildings management.

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Techno Innovation:Connect, Converge, Clouds, Crowds, Controls

Future of technology innovation. 25 minute keynote for Ricoh. Audience: 100 senior journalists from global media companies. Format: round tables, low stage. Location: London. Slides: Similar presentation given to Portuguese Tourist Board - Future of tourism, travel industry


Key themes: growth strategies impact on IT departments. Need for IT innovation in systems, processes, outsourcing, infrastructure risk management, customer support and security. Rapidly changing nature of global business, external operating environments, manufacturing, wholesale, retailing, logistics, supply chain management, velocity of change in consumer and competitor behaviour, shifts in patterns of work, virtual teams, virtual working, collaboration tools and partnership - relevant to key industries such as financial services and health. 


 We think about convergence of technologies, and of businesses such as information and entertainment companies. But convergence also demands multi-skilled, multidisciplinary teams. 

Beyond increasingly mobile connections between people, to connections between apparently unrelated ideas and facts. Semantic web. CLOUDS

 A digital world which is independent of any particular technology, device, platform, operating system. Everything everywhere, all the time. This is already a $56bn / year, and will be $150bn by 2013.


 Beyond virtual teams, virtual working and virtual organisations. Innovation in the past has tended to be limited to the capacity of teams inside organisations - even if they are spread across many time zones and sites. Expect rapid growth of crowd-sourcing or open innovation. CONTROLS

 Convergence, connections, clouds and crowds - each of these is creating new risks which are increasing dramatically. Corporations can only embrace these four Cs above by also building much more sophisticated controls.

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Future of Retail - New consumers, lifestyles, stores, payments

Future of Retail. 45 minutes out of 60 minute keynote for Hermes. Audience: 140 UK retail executives.Format: relatively intimate, conversational style, 100 audience in a small cinema. Location: London.


Retailing trends - in high street, shopping malls, retail outlets, online / e-commerce, mobile marketing, ethical shopping, older consumers, supply chain and logistics, telesales and customer support, home delivery.

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Future of Real Estate Marketing - challenge from social media

Future of Real Estate - Marketing. 55 minute keynote for TELC. Audience: 80 Australian Real Estate Agents. Format: Traditional conference layout - round tables. Location: Fiji.

Slides: Future of Real Estate Agents


Future of Real Estate and Property Marketing - global trends and property outlook for Australia market. How Estate Agents need to change the way property is marketed and sold using online tools, social media, mobile multichannel marketing, video of properties for sale. Future impact of digital tools like Google Earth, Google Maps on customers searching for properties online. Researching local property markets no longer requires traditional estate agents -- either for property sales or rental markets. How selling methods of traditional estate agents are being overtaken by online aggregator platforms for listing of properties. How to sell your own property online without using any estate agents. Future role of local estate agents - maximizing opportunities from specialist local knowledge, sourcing properties before they go on public market. Lessons for real estate developers and real estate investors. Impact of demographics on demand for different types of property in Australia and medium term property market trends. Global economic trends, interest rates, GDP, rise in average earnings, affordability of property loans, availability of mortgages following credit crunch and global economy downturn. Government policy on interest rates and relationship to property prices - attempts to smooth out property price boom and crash.

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Future of Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Industry

Future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 35 minute keynote for Red Prairie. Audience: global clients. Format: ball room type layout with round tables. Location:  Colorado, United States.

Slides: Future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Themes: Future of logistics and supply chain management. Future of national post offices and postal service monopolies. DHL, Fedex and UPS global competition for just-in-time courier services. Growth of air freight, alternative delivery services. Deregulation of delivery services. Distribution and supplies of components, raw materials and finished products. Package and parcel RFID tracking technologies and RFID controversy. Road, rail, air and shipping comparative costs. Inflation and outsourcing. Overnight delivery and same day delivery services -- growing demand. Pharmacies and garages lead way. Integration of EPOS data. Planning security of supplies and risk management. Online tracking and tracing of products. Integration into global supply chain, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, warehouses, retail. How technology reduce costs in distribution. Last mile. Home delivery, office and factory delivery.

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How to Grow Your Business in Uncertain Times - Leader Agility

Strategies for growth in uncertain times. 35 minute keynote for Tetrapak. Audience: 200 of Tetrapak's global leadership team. Format: TV studio-style, huge screen, ranked seating. Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Slides: Global Trends


Growth strategies and megatrends impact on food, drink and packaging industries -- conference keynote speaker at Tetrapak event. Consumer trends, lifestyle, health and nutrition, food safety, beverages and liquid food. Food and beverages marketing, customer insight, product choices. Growth strategy, leadership in emerging markets, team motivation and management. Logistics, transport, distribution, storage and retail food displays. How customers are changing. Impact of social media on food and beverage industry. Future food and drink marketing messages. Growing sales in emerging markets. Demographic trends and impact on retail food and drink sales.

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Future of Food and Drink Industry - Retail Trends

Future of Food and Drink / Beverages Industry, Retail Trends. One hour keynote for Femsa / Oxxo. Audience: 350 global leadership team of Femsa, Oxxo. Format: Traditional ball-room style, round tables. Location: Mexico City.

Slides: Future of Retail Shopping / Food and Beverages Industry Trends


Future of convenience stores, corner store retailing, food and drink industry, OXXO brand owned by FEMSA in Mexico. Fast food and drink, drink bottling including Coca-Cola, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, wholesaling, warehousing. Nutrition, performance and health foods, obesity, diabetes and social responsibility.  Impact of ageing. Future of community shops. Employee engagement, customer excellence, brands, branding and corporate image. Energy efficiency and helping the environment. Mexico, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Argentina economic development. Soft drinks, carbonated non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, bottled water, dairy and other milk based drinks. How small trends create big futures. Managing uncertainty, agile leadership styles. Future of marketing, management and motivation. Globalisation -- mergers and acquisitions. Social networking. Fuel from food contribution to rising food prices. Demand for commodity prices and impact on manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Sustainable economic growth. Demographics and urbanization, tribalism and globalization. Future ethics and government regulation. Impact of mobile digital technology / smartphones on customer choices and workplace. New patterns of use of email, impact of ipad, iphone etc, wireless payment systems impact on retail and financial services, death of traditional credit and debit cards. Key to all change management, all leadership and all motivation -- how to use the lesson to make great things happen.

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Future of Fund Management and Investment Banking

Future of Fund Management and Investment Banking. 55 minute keynote for Mercer. Audience: 200 senior fund managers - Mercer clients. Format: Rows of seats with raised stage. Location: London, UK.

Slides: Future of Fund Management - of similar keynote for ICBI to 350 senior fund managers in Monaco.


Why we urgently need new business models in the fund management industry. Pension funds, institutional investors, commissions and charges, fund management compliance and regulation. Future retail funds and client trends. High net worth clients and managing investment risks. Investor and investment activity. Many fund managers don't recommend own retail investment funds to family and do not chose to invest own wealth in own funds. Future scandal in fund management? Market confidence and investment fund misselling? Future of financial services integrity, sales commissions, agents and distribution. Real investment returns low in many actively managed funds compared to tracker funds. Management charges often wipe out gains and teams move between companies so another reason why performance varies even in same company.

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How to Make Things Happen - Change Management

How to make (great) things happen.  Change management, leadership and motivation. One hour keynote for Welsh Parliament - plus discussion Audience: 250 public sector workers, local council employees, nurses, doctors, public sector workers, local government, fire service, waste, water and utilitis, social workers and social services, politicians and members of Parliament.managers, as well as staff of charities and non-profit foundations.

Format: round tables, relatively informal, workshop or seminar style.

Location: North Wales, UK.

Slides: How to Make Great Things Happen


Changing culture, challenging structures and attitudes. Practical leadership lessons in change management for public sector workers. Team leadership and motivation to change working practices, encourage efficiency, cost savings, better standards, improved output and service impact.Connect with passion -- mind, body and spirit. Passion to make a difference. Purpose and meaning in life comes from sense of calling and destiny, contributing to the lives of other people. Improve job satisfaction and staff engagement in your teams. Surveys of motivation, workplace engagement, wanting to find purpose at work. Mid-life crisis, passion for work, work-life balance and family life, hobbies, personal interests. Satisfaction and morale at work in public satisfaction. Secret of personal happiness -- friends, relationships, spirituality, optimistic frame of mind. Impact of demographics, birth rates, youth, urban migration and immigration, life expectancy forecasts. All impact on demand for public services, health care budgets, community services, demand for education, need for schools.  Personal story from cancer doctor to starting an international AIDS charity, to bringing change inside large organisations. Successes and failures and how we learn from them. Story of ACET -- AIDS Care Education and Training and how Patrick Dixon started the AIDS organization from home, using church volunteers -- now active in Uganda, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, India, Thailand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo. Human resources. Management training programme.

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Future of Paper, Packaging and Pulp Industries

Future trends in paper, packaging, cardboard and pulp. 30 minute keynote for European packaging industry association. Audience: 1,500 senior executives from pulp, paper and packaging industries. Format: round tables, relatively informal, workshop or seminar style. Location: Stockholm, Sweden.

Slides: Future of the Paper, Cardboard and Packaging Industries


Paper and packaging industry. Future of sustainable packaging, paper, logistics. Emerging markets growth and demand for commodities / resources / paper and cardboard. Growth of emerging middle class and paper products growth. Energy shortage and conservation. Economic and population growth with decline in developed nations creates future differences in paper demand. India and China paper use compared to America / US and EU -- 300kg paper use per year compared to 4kg in India. India paper consumption trends. Future of newspapers and newsprint industry in US, UK, Australia, Japan, France and rest of EU. Fall of newspaper revenues, rise of online advertising revenues. Growth of magazines. Growth of newspapers in India. Digital impact on newspapers, direct mail and paper industry. Future of communications -- does paper have a future? Rapid growth of RFIDs in supply chain management, logistics and distribution. New paper technologies in manufacturing and packaging. Pressure for innovation and change in paper and cardboard industries. Change from plastics to paper packaging. Plastic bottles to paper bottles. Recycling challenges from liquid food cartons eg Tetrapak. Innovation in packaging to save weight, cost. Future of plastic bags -- new regulations. Protection of forests and sustainable forestry. Reducing energy in paper pulp processes. Wood industry will move from supplier of paper to deliverer of power. Increased recycling will reduce paper demand in Europe, releasing more wood for power. Carbon offsetting impact on paper manufacturing, sales and distribution.

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Future of Dentistry and Health Care - Impact of Technology

Future of Dentistry, Dental Technology and Health Care. 35 minute keynote for 3M dentistry clients. Audience: 250 senior dentists involved in research. Format:  Tiered seating in a lecture theatre - no stage. Location: US.


Future of dentistry, dentists and dental practice. Lessons from health care trends and the digital revolution. Future dental technology, diagnostics and three 3 dimensional dental imaging. Future oral health care and prevention. Future prosthetics and manufacturing, modelling. Speed of change. New dental practice software and dental office systems, and change management. Emotion matters in dentistry. Public image of dentists and why people hate going to the dentist. Negative image of dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry and bridge repairs. New polymers and nanotechnology, nanoparticle. Future of health care -- lessons for dental practice -- shift from disease to prevention and performance / wellbeing. Preventing ageing in health and dentistry. Tissue regeneration and growing new teeth using stem cells. Cures for blindness, stroke and heart repair using stem cells. Growing new teeth using adult stem cells. Convergence of dental imaging technologies. Innovation in dentistry manufacturing. Make it simple for workers in dental laboratories. Online marketing of dental practices. Client-orientated dental care. Lessons from software and mobile phone manufacturers about need for reliability and simple design. Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and Web 2.0 communties impact on health care demand and client health knowledge. Building trust, image and protecting professional reputation. Dentures manufacture of crowns and bridges. Leadership and secrets of change management. Team leadership in dental practice -- with office, laboratory technicians. Connecting with passions people have -- to help themselves and their families, to make a difference to other people they care about and passions for our wider world.

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Future of Petrochemicals and Energy Industry

Future trends in Petrochemical Industry and Energy Industry. 40 minute keynote for European Petrochemical Association - 2007. Audience: 400 senior business leaders from the petrochemical industry. Format:  Breakfast meeting / round tables.  Raised stage. Location: Brussels, Belgium.


Future of petrochemical industry, plastics, packaging, waste, recycling, supply chain management. Chemical industry speaker - Futurist trends analysis. Future of polymers, engineering, materials, commodities, oil industry. Bottles, containers, packages, transportation, logistics and supply chain management. Warehouse stock control and distribution. Raw material to finished end products in factory process. Manufacturers, product innovation, package design.

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Future Consumers, Lifestyles and Online Communities

Future consumers, lifestyles, online communities and communications. 40 minute keynote for Belgacom - 2007. Audience: 1000 senior business leaders - Belgacom clients. Format: TV studo style / banquet/  Huge hall, round tables, square stage at centre with multiple screens. Location: Brussels, Belgium.


Future of communications, marketing, management, leadership, virtual teams and virtual organisations. Virtual meetings and distance learning. Future bandwidth, video streaming demand, convergence and divergence of technology. Future innovations in communication. Strategy for emerging markets and developed markets.Banks will become phone companies and telecom companies will become banks. Mobile payment systems, micropayments, mobile phone credit card transactions and loans.All innovation is divergent - doing things different and better. But most companies focus on convergence on price, quality, features.image, branding, winning customers, online marketing and building trust. Consumer changes, preferences and lifestyles. Videoconferencing and virtual teams. Winning the war for talent - motivation and leadership styles.

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2020 seen from 2015 - Future Innovation, Customers, Lifestyles

2020 seen from 2015 - Future Innovation. 55 minute keynote for Nokia - 2008. Audience: 80 senior leaders at Nokia - part of their Futuring project. Format: Seminar - small room. Location: Helsinki, Finland.


Communications, telecom, mobiles, smartphones, marketing, management, leadership, virtual teams and virtual organisations. Customer focus in product design, advertising, brand development, software and hardware. Mobile marketing and positional advertising trends. Consumer use of personal organisers, smartphones and mobile devices, mobile phones and other technology. Virtual switchboards, virtual meetings and distance learning. Future bandwidth, video streaming demand, convergence and divergence of technology. Future innovations in communication. Mobile phone strategy for emerging markets and developed markets. Banking and financial services: Banks will become phone companies and telecom companies will become banks using personal organisers. Mobile payment systems, micropayments, mobile phone credit card transactions and loans. All innovation is divergent - doing things different and better. But most companies focus on convergence on price, quality, features.image, branding, winning customers, online marketing and building trust. Consumer changes, preferences and lifestyles. Energy saving, global warming, carbon neutral business and helping climate change. Videoconferencing and virtual teams. Winning the war for talent - motivation and leadership styles.

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Get a Life: Future Work-Life Balance and Workplace Trends

Future of Human Resources and Work-Life Balance - changes in workplace, careers and motivation. One hour keynote for European Commission / EU Parliament. Audience: 1000 managers / leaders at the European Commission. Format: European Commission Debating Chamber - multi-language. Location: Brussels, Belgium.


Work-life balance - how to improve balance at work - lecture on World Women's Day for European Commission. Work - life balance now priority for majority of executives in many nations. How to deal with awkward boss -- and get the career balance you want. Barriers to work-life balance. Virtual teams, remote working and homeworkers. How to get better balance in personal and family life. Children and parents. Friends and career direction. Job choices, workplace motivation and winning war for talent. Attracting and keeping best people. Part-time working and gender equality and discrimination. Feminisation of workplace. Balancing dual careers. Women outperforming men and business school, college and junior management. Macho office culture. Human resources and personnel issues. Employment law and legislation. Insensitivity and lack of emotional intelligence. Promotion of incompetent male workers. Quality of life, working hours regulations in EU legislation. Practical ways to improve your working life. Relationships and family -- work-life balance is number one or two priority.  Child-care, child support, juggling responsibilities.  Work-life balance surveys, stress on female workers, mothers with young children.  Impact of worcoholic parents on family life.  Long hours impact on personal health.

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Leadership in Crisis - How to restore trust. Ethics, Integrity

Leadership integrity and fighting corruption. One hour keynote for European Commission / EU Parliament. Audience: 75 senior leaders of the European Commission. Format: Multisite 2-way broadcast, seminar style. Location: Brussels, Belgium.


What is ethical leadership? Leadership ethics and integrity in public life. How do we encourage leadership integrity and fight corruption in leaders? At this session (anonymous e-polling) and afterwards, many participants confessed that they had been under significant pressure by bosses to do major things that they thought were unethical. Why leadership has to be based on trust, not just position, appealing to heart as well as to mind. Importance of the European Commission and trans-national regulation. Trust crisis in banking and financial services as well as in politicians, governments and the European Union. How to restore trust and public confidence in political process, parties, elections and democracy itself. How trust can be lost instantly in media, web, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media. Leadership must connect with passion: things we feel strongly about, that really matter, that make a big difference.  Researching from my book The Truth about Westminster and UK political system, how political system can compromise integrity. Tension between civil servants and government ministers. Lack of integrity, dishonesty of many political campaigns with rare reversals of legislation after winning power: truth that in many EU nations most politicians agree on most things. Ethical Leadership must go far beyond current laws to what we believe is morally right. Core ethic: building a better world. Basis of every effective leadership speech and leadership stye. Even evil leaders appeal to "better world" ethics in their rhetoric with an audience. Dangers in European Commission due to size, power, golden handcuffs and difficulty in moving to careers outside commission. Organisations that people cannot easily leave are usually corrupt because power is harder to defy, fear, intimidation. Why true leadership never comes from position alone.  How to win through when under ethical pressure. Winning respect, gaining influence and creating space for others to do the right thing.

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Green Technology, Innovation, Energy and Climate Change

$40 trillion green tech revolution - impact on your businesss, personal life and wider world. 55 minute keynote - for UBS Wolfsburg. Audience: 120 senior leaders of corporations in Switzerland. Format: delegates in round tables, seminar-style with no stage. Location: Wolfsburg, Switzerland.

Slides: similar presentation for Kilne Group: SustainAgility


How innovation will reduce energy use and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Business case studies for carbon capture, street lighting, wind power, solar energy, electric cars, hydrogen cars, low emission cement, energy savings in air conditioning and buildings heating systems, managing peak energy demands with smart metering, use of heat pumps, energy savings in shipping, aviation, travel, auto industry, cars, vehicles and tourism. Impact of nantotechnology on energy saving especially in manufacturing. Science of global warming - truth about claims made for global warming and climate change by environment scientists. Polar ice cap samples and hydrogen / carbon dioxide records. Business opportunities and innovations from climate change - size of markets and which innovations will succeed in winning market share. Marketing of new climate change innovations - cause-related marketing to encourage customer loyalty. Industrial processes and increasing productivity efficiency. green roofs to save energy. How national emissions targets will be met and impact on global economic growth and global GDP. Political campaigns and environmental activism on climate. New regulations on energy saving. Policy on biofuels using biowaste or food for fuel in EU and America. Future oil prices with economic recovery and impact of demographics, growth of BRICS and other emerging economies. Demand for commodities and price volatility. Sustainability and sustainable energy policies.

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Future of Telecom and our wider world >300,000 views

Future of Telecom, consumers, lifestyles.  More than 300,000 views of different parts of this presentation on different websites. 45 minute keynote - for MTN - Africa, Middle East Telecom. Audience: 450 global leaders of MTN. Format: TV studio style, extended stages into audience, huge screen. Location: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Slides: Future of mobile phones


Keynote presentation covered marketing, management, motivation, industry, leadership, new technology, mobile phones, broadband, convergence, divergence, web phones, future of broadband, sms, smartphones and other devices. Keynote conference slides also available on consumer trends, customer relationship management, client support. Business communications and virtual teams and virtual organisations. Leadership training and executive education. Issues such as globalisation, culture clashes, poltical change, global warming, carbon trading, demogaphics, urbanisation, bottom of pyramid, health, ageing and AIDS. Banks will become phone companies and telecom companies will become banks. Keynote also covered mobile payment systems, micropayments, mobile phone credit card transactions and loans. Economic impact of remittances from foreign workers using SMS credit to avoid foreign exchange transaction costs. How biometrics fingerprint technology will allow large mobile phone payments. Commissions and interest charges on loans. Impact of revenues from American Express,Visa, Delta, Access, Mastercard moving to mobile phone transactions. Threat to retail banks from mobile phone payment systems using SMS, RFID and other technologies including biometrics. All innovation is divergent - doing things different and better. But most companies focus on convergence on price, quality, features.

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Future of Education - Why Education has to change

Future of Education, Colleges, High Schools, Post-Graduate, Business Schools. 55 minute keynote - for National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS in US). Audience: 150 head teachers of independent high schools across America. Format: small intimate venue - delegates in rows, with no stage. Location: Boston, United States.

Slides: Future of Schools and Education


Future of educational. Preparing students, high school and college curriculum, classroom teaching methods and syllabus. Skills for future employment in job market. Life preparation not just exams. Technology and digital impact on education, distance learning tools and wikipedia age. Impact of YouTube and other online communities on education and learning. Teaching leadership skills, how to be happy, relationship skills and workplace skills. Plagiarism and other controversies in education in future.

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Innovation Competition - 60 seconds to win

45 minute Innovation Competition led by Patrick Dixon - with Johan Gorecki at Globe Forum.  Patrick Dixon coached, challenged, shaped the 60 minute "elevator pitches" that each innovator had to do. Audience: 700 potential investors and fellow entrepreneurs. Format: Theatre - delegates in rows, high stage.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden.


Green technology innovation. How open innovation and crowdsourcing will help save world from climate change, global warming, food and energy shortages. New energy supplies, solar, wind, waste to electricity. New kinds of batteries for electric cars. New ways to save energy, heat buildings, live sustainably. Sustainable business models. Prize for innovation in green technology competition organized by Globe Forum Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and venture capital investment, government support, institutional investors and pension funds. How next-generation green technology will be financed.

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Future of Emerging Markets - Strategies for Growth

Future of Emerging Markets - Business Opportunities. One hour keynote and 45 minutes discussion - for Aditya Birla. Audience: 700 Aditya Birla global leadership team. Format: delegates in rows, theatre-style with high stage. Location: Bangkok, Thailand.

Slides: Future of Emerging Markets - of related lecture to MBA students at London Business School


Future trends and business success in emerging markets, especially India and China. Futurist. Rise of new multinationals in BRICS nations, future of telecom, future of banking and financial services, future of insurance, future of aluminium, carbon black and other commodities, future of textiles, manufacturing. Future of retail industry in India and India retail chains. New global giants. Rapid consolidation, mergers and acquisitions. Future of motivation, war for talent, outsourcing, offshoring and winning the war for talent. Work-life balance, making a difference, corporate and social responsibility, (CSR), community involvement. Climate change and carbon neutral business, reducing carbon footprint and carbon use. Energy audit. Cause-related marketing. Six Sigma and business excellence. Benchmarking and innovation.

More on Future of Emerging Markets, Outsourcing and related issues.

* Patrick Dixon has given keynotes at conferences in more than 50 nations: Australia, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Burundi, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, India, Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Zimbabwe. Most keynotes cover future trends and leadership issues that affect more than one nation or region - North America, Central America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Scandinavia, Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Asia Pacific.

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February 21, 2012 - 07:13

It seems oiouvbs that imposing structured measurement methodology, designed to improve repetitive processes, to manage creative activities would not be a good idea. Innovation thrives on lateral thinking, antithesis of six sigma IMHO.

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