How AI Will Change Your Life - A Futurist's Guide to a Super-Smart World - Patrick Dixon signs books and talks about key messages - the future of AI, how AI will change us all, how to respond now to AI in business, personal life and government

Future of Sales and Marketing in 2030: physical audience of 800 + 300 virtual at hybrid event. Digital marketing / AI, location marketing. How to create MAGIC in new marketing campaigns. Future of Marketing Keynote Speaker

TRUST is the most important thing you sell. Even more TRUE for every business because of AI. How to BUILD TRUST, win market share, retain contracts, gain customers. Future logistics and supply chain management. Futurist Keynote Speaker

Future of Artificial intelligence - discussion on AI opportunities and Artificial Intelligence threats. From AI predictions to Artificial Intelligence control of our world. What is the risk of AI destroying our world? Truth about Artificial Intelligence

How to make virtual keynotes more real and engaging - how I appeared as an "avatar" on stage when I broke my ankle and could not fly to give opening keynote on innovation in aviation for. ZAL event in Hamburg

"I'm doing a new book" - 60 seconds to make you smile. Most people care about making a difference, achieving great things, in a great team but are not interested in growth targets. Over 270,000 views of full leadership keynote for over 4000 executives

Futurist Keynote Speakers - how Futurist Keynotes transform events, change thinking, enlarge vision, sharpen strategic thinking, identify opportunities and risks. Patrick Dixon is one of the world's best known Futurist Keynote Speaker

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Colonies on Mars, space travel and how digital / Artificial Intelligence / AI will help us live decades longer - comment before keynote for 1400 at Avnet Silica event

Future of Travel and Tourism post COVID. Boom for live experiences beyond AI. What hunger for "experience" means for future aviation, airlines, hotels, restaurants, concerts halls, trends in leisure events, theme parks. Travel Industry Keynote Speaker

Quiet Quitters: 50% US workforce wish they were working elsewhere. How engage Quiet Quitters and transform to highly engaged team members. Why AI / Artificial Intelligence is not answer. How to tackle the Great Resignation. Human Resources Keynote Speaker

The Great Resignation. 50% of US workers are Quiet Quitters. They have left in their hearts, don't believe any longer in your strategy. 40% want to leave in 12 months. Connect with PURPOSE to win Quiet Quitters. Human Resources Keynote Speaker

Future of Human Resources. Virtual working, motivating hybrid teams, management, future of motivation and career development. How to develop high performance teams. HR Keynote Speaker

Speed of change often slower than people expect! I have successfully forecast major trends for global companies for over 25 years. Focus on factors driving long term changes, with agile strategies for inevitable disruptive events. Futurist Keynote Speaker

Agile leadership for Better Risk Management. Inflation spike in 2022-3 - what next? Expect more disruptive events, while megatrends will continue relentlessly to shape longer term future globally in relatively predictable ways. Futurist Keynote Speaker

Crazy customers! Changing customer expectations. Why many decisions are irrational. Amusing stories. Lessons for Leadership, Management and Marketing - Futurist Keynote Speaker VIDEO

Chances of 2 people in 70 having same birthday? Managing Risk in Banking and Financial Services. Why the greatest risks are combinations of very unlikely events, which happen far more often than you expect. Keynote speaker on risk management

Compliance is Dead. How to build trust. Reputation of banks and financial services. Compliance Risks. Why 100% compliance with regulations, ESG requirements etc is often not enough to prevent reputational damage

Life's too short to do things you don't believe in! Why passionate belief in the true value of what you are selling or doing is the number one key to success. Secret of all leadership and marketing - keynote for 1100 people in Vilnius October 2021

Future Manufacturing 5.0. Lessons from personal life for all manufacturers - why most manufacturing lags 10-15 years behind client expectations in their day to day life. Manufacturing 4.0 --> Manufacturing 5.0. Future of Manufacturing Keynote

80% of sales are won or lost in 3 seconds, How to grow your business by giving attention to small things that really matter. Future of Marketing, Futuris Keynote Speaker - Pardavimu formule in Vilnius

Global Change Ltd. - Recent Clients

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Clients: Future Trends, Futurist Keynote Speaker

Alphabetic / Industry-based Client Lists + slides of many keynotes over last decade. Several hundred keynote videos are also available on this site (use YOUR FUTURE drop down menu ). 

As a global Futurist and also a physician, Dr Patrick Dixon's clients are mainly the world's largest multinational corporations in every industry / business sector, providing consulting, advice on a huge range of strategic issues and trends, conference keynotes, workshops or seminars. He has visited over 50 nations, and many of his audiences are multi-language, multi-cultural. 

He speaks to audiences in up to 4 different countries a week, from boards and senior leadership teams to large-scale events for up to 4,500 people.  Each highly interactive, entertaining presentation is adapted carefully to each industry and audience, working closely with the event organiser.

Dr Patrick Dixon often shares a platform with the CEO, speaking directly after to place global strategy into context of future industry trends.

He brings a broad perspective, challenging corporations in highly interactive and engaging presentations to "take hold of the future", with strategic insights drawn not only from their own industry, but also from his wide experience with other corporations and sectors.

"Large corporations are looking for growth opportunities. One of their greatest risks is institutional blindness - being surrounded by too many people with a similar world view."

Listed by Industry

AI / Artificial Intelligence, Digital Technology, Engineering, Software and Computer Manufacturers and Household Goods Manufacturing

Google, Microsoft, Intel, Toshiba, HP, IBM, Phillips, SAP, Siemens, Symantec, Panasonic, Gartner, Tata, Infosys, Ricoh, Actinic, ARBS, Asco, Capco, Compaq, Comverse, European Internet Foundation, Fujitsu Siemens, Nokia Siemens, Glory Global, Octo Technology, SimCorp, CGI Group, Vorwork, Georgia Technology Forum, ITS, Kyocera, Leadbay, NCR, CompTell, Kohler, Red Prairie, SolidWorks, Unaxis, Unisys, Zellweger Luwa

Health Care, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Technology and Cosmetics / Lifestyle, Veterinary

GSK, Roche, Novartis, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Gillette, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi, Bayer, Merck, Novo Nordisk, 3M - dentistry, Avon, L'Oreal, Siemens Medical, Phillips Diagnostics, Hoffmann LaRoche, TEVA Pharma, Reckitt Benckiser, Falck, BUPA, Astellas Pharma, Ottobock, Coloplast, Genentech, Henry Schein, ICPM - International Conference of Pharmaceutical Medicine, NHS, Smith and Nephew, Leica Microsystems, Optegra, HRA Pharma, St Joseph's Hospital Foundation Ontario, Virttu Biologics Ltd, Voluntary Hospitals Association, Institute of Clinical Research, Genactis, NW England Health Authority

Banking and Payments

HSBC, Bank of America, UBS, Credit Suisse, RBS, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Santander Bank, ING Bank, Lloyds TSB, Skandia Bank, Nordea Bank, ABSA bank, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, Britania Building Society, Clariden Bank, RCB Bank, Co-op Bank, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, CUES, Fortis, Friends First Bank, Macquarie Bank, Minsheng Bank, Morgan Stanley Investment Bank, North Island Credit Union, PrivatBank (Ukraine), Sistema, WorldPay, Mitsui, RMB, Saga, SEB, Skandia, Sumitomo Bank, Bank Vontobel, Yapi Kredi Bank, European Banking Association

Insurance, Pension Funds, Investment Funds and other Financial Services

Allianz, Aviva, Prudential, Royal Sun Alliance (RSA), Munich Re, Swiss Re, Aegis, Zurich Financial Services, Swiss Stock Exchange, American Express, 3i, AA, Amlin, (UK), AIG, Roularta, Shroeders, ICBI - fund managers, Asset Management Advisors, Apax, Income (Singapore), Birla financial services group, Mitsui, International Mutual Funds Institute, Kazakstan Investment Forum, Mitsui, M Financial, Lombard, MergerMarkets, Morley Fund, Saga, Acromas, Winterthur Insurance, Family Office, Kiln Group, Friends First Financial Advisors, Baillie Gifford, Martin Currie, APAX

Transport - Airlines, Travel, Shipping, Hotels, Tourism and Auto Industry

Ford, General Motors, Air France, KLM, Airbus, Swiss Airline, Virgin Atlantic, Dassault Falcon, Starwoods Hotel Group, Carlson Wagonlit, Association of Corporate Travel Executives, Maersk, Dubai Ports Authority, Automobile Recycling Netherlands (ARN), American Auto Auctions Association, TRW, Amadeus, TravelPort, EADS, Axalta, Hotel Ecoliere de Lausanne, Portuguese Tourist Board, Turkey Tourist Board, Reg Vardy - auto sales, Saga, Stagecoach, Tourism in Ireland, North West Tourism, World Economic Forum Governors of Aviation Travel and Tourism meeting (Davos), Hostelworld, Weddings Online

Logistics, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Packaging Industry

Fedex, DHL, ISS, Danish Post Office, Deutsche Poste, Swedish Poste, UK Post Office, IBS, Rexam, Tetrapak, Smurfit Kappa

Oil and Gas, Greentech energy, Petrochemicals, Chemical Industry, Mining, Metals, other Commodities, Water and Utilities

BP, ExxonMobil, General Electric, Shell, BASF, Copesul (Brazil), Rio Tinto, Altstrom Grid, European Petrochemical Association (EPCA), Suez Environmental, Sandvik Mining Tech, Imerys, Danish Wind Energy Association, Danfoss, Hindalco, Indurama, Houston Energy Forum, Royal Dutch Chemical Association, Koch, Hager Group, SHV Gas, Gasunie, Sulzer, Vattenfall, Veitch, Veolia

Food and Drink

Carlsburg, Unilever, McDonalds, PepsiCo, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Sara Lee, Diageo, Danone, Femsa, Co-op Group, Steinhoff, Tulip, Bord Bia - Irish Food Board, European Coffee Federation, Food Business Forum, Swedish Groceries Association, Givaudin, Nutreco, RPC, British Frozen Foods Federation, Schwan's Frozen Foods, Tetrapak, Smurfit Kappa

Governments, EU and UN

World Bank,  UNIDO, UNAIDS, European Commission, European Patent Office, US Federal Government (Pentagon), Abu Dhabi Police Authority, UK Department of Trade and Industry, Irish government, Saudi Arabian government, South Korea Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Jebel Ali Free Zone (UAE), Kazakhstan government, Lithuanian government, Portuguese government, State of Connecticut, Welsh Assembly, UK Parliament, London Connect

Marketing, Advertising and Design

McCann Erikson, Belgium Marketing Federation, Mediamind, Danish Design Centre, Marketing Forum Turkey, Finland Marketing Federation, Malta Marketing Association, Pinnacle Communications, Portugese Marketing Association,  IBEC Ireland, Marketing Communication Consultants Association (MCCA), plus many presentations on marketing / brand to clients in other lists

Media, Telecom

BBC, Financial Times, Nokia, AT&T, Vodafone, O2, Belgacom, BT, AIC Carriers World, MediaMind, Mobilcom, SingTel, MTN, STC, Amdocs, Carlton TV, Etisalat Telecom (UAE), Idea Cellular, i-Comverse, Loral (satellites), Global Collect, Telenor, Sistema, Times of India, Qualcomm, SABC (S Africa), TDC

Professional Firms - Law / Legal / Accounting

Accenture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Charles Russell, Eversheds, Freshfields, Linklaters, Regulatory Affairs Professional Organisation, Netlaw Media

Management, Consulting, Training, Service Organisations

Forbes, Fortune, McKinsey, Ernst and Young (E&Y), Deloitte, American Management Association, American Society for Training and Development, ISS, CIONet, Concours Group, CSC Consulting, European Federation of Management Development, European Federation of Facilities Management, European School of Management and Technology, European Institute for Research Management,  Wolters Kluwer, Hanoi Business School (Vietnam), Globe Forum, MITIE, Global Future Forum, HMS, IBEC (Ireland), UBA, ICBI, Indian School of Business, Informa, Institute of Management, Cap Gemini, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, ISS, KPMG, E-novation, Latitude, Innotown, Leading Edge Strategy Group, Leadership Trust, Linkage, Management Centre Europe, Management Centre Turkey, MPI - Meetings Professionals International, POM+, P Richmond Events, Ruling Companies, Said Business School Oxford, ServiceMaster, Schweizerische Gesellschaft fur Organisation, Stan Am Rheim Leadership Summit, Strategos, University of Salford Management School, Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School Belgium, Wheaton College, ZFU

Real Estate / Construction / Engineering

Balfour Beatty, Corenet Global, Johnson Controls, Air Liquide, Johnson Matthey, Laing O'Rourke, Jones Lang LaSalle, MACE, Somfy, Knight Frank, Tarkett,  Siemens Group, Hager, Urban Land Institute (ULI), Anglian Circle Housing Association, Crown Real Estate (UK), Mitsui, Hastoe Housing Association

Retail, Textiles, Engineering, some other Manufacturing and large industrial groups - note:  many manufacturers classified under industries above

Ikea, Oxxo, Femsa, Sistema, Steinhoff, Aditya Birla, UPM, American Apparel Manufacturers Association, C&A group, Rieter, Saks Group Inc, Indorama, Cotton Council, Tarkett

Non-Profit Organisations and Education

American Association of Retired People (AARP), University of Wisconsin, AIDS Care Education and Training (ACET), UK Church Commissioners, Premier Radio, Tear Fund, Transformational Business Network (TBN), Trinity Forum, Spring Harvest (UK), Sustainability Forum, Zermatt Summit Foundation, Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), Emmanuel Schools Association, International School in Brussels, NAIS (US), Opportunities for Entrepreneurs (UK), New Wine church conference (UK)

More:  How great conference speakers can transform your business - and make or break your career if you are an event organiser.  Secrets of all great conference speakers.

Alphabetic List

Alphabetic list for ease of finding your own corporation. Links are to presentations slides / videos. Please bear in mind that some of these date back up to 10 years.  For recent presentations - here are conference keynote presentations in date order.

* 3i - Venture capital opportunities in food and drink industry - client event

* 3M - future of dentistry - global client event - trends in dentist practice, orthodontics and related technologies

* AARP - Association of Retired People (US) - national leadership teams

* ABN AMRO - executive development programmes over the last decade and client events eg for Hedge Funds, Australia CEOs, corporate bankers

* ABSA Bank (Africa) - country leaders

* Abu Dhabi Police Directorate (UAE) - internal training for senior leaders

* Accenture - partners, senior leadership development programmes (partners)

* Acromas - long term consulting on wide range of strategic issues relating to the future of Saga and the AA (UK)

* Aegis insurance - global insurance trends - global leadership team

* Aditya Birla - Chairman's Awards Keynote for top 400 global team

* AIC Carriers World - keynote speech - future of telecom

* AIG - Fixed Income Division - The science of aging, Global Fund Managers - trends and risk management

* Amlin - senior team event on future of specialist insurance and risk management

* Airbus - global team on future of manufacturing, future of aviation

* Air France - group executive board meeting on future of aviation industry

* Air Liquide - leadership development

* Alcoa - How to innovate and drive change - global leadership event on innovation

* Allianz - strategy / brand development plus other events

* Alstrom Grid - SustainAgility and future of green tech - global leadership event, VIP client event, future of national grids and utility / power companies

* Amadeus - client events on future of travel industry and future of travel agents

* Amdocs - client events on future of directory publishing / e-directories plus facilitating CEO summit on future strategy, and Amdocs Advisory Board on future of telecom / communications / media

* American Apparel Manufacturers' Association - future of textiles industry, clothing, fashion, retailing

* American Express - client events on future of business travel

* American Management Association

* American Society for Training and Development

* Anglian Circle - senior leadership - future of Housing Associations

* Aon Hewitt - future of human capital and HR trends

* Apax - two client events for investors and CEOs of med tech companies on future of medical technology

* ARN - Automobile Recycling Netherlands

* ARBS - building design and control client event - future real estate controls and sustainable construction

* Asco

* Association of Corporate Travel Executives - future of corporate travel

* Asset Management Advisors (AMA) - event for high net worth families

* Astellas Pharma - future of health and pharma industry

* AT&T - corporate client events in UK and Mexico and future of telco / mobile payments

* Auto Auctions Association of America

* Aviva - series of postgraduate programmes, and corporate affairs team

* Avon - board - future trends impacting cosmetics industry, well-being and health

* Axalta - client events in Europe and America on future of the Auto industry, auto coatings etc

* Balfour Beatty - global leadership team - future of infrastructure and construction

* Bank of America - multiple client events for Fund Managers etc

* Bank of Ireland - senior leadership development programmes / executive education

* Barclays Bank - two day workshop for senior leaders / country heads

* BASF - future of chemical industry, strategy and change management - internal events

* Bayer - future of animal health care

* BBC - seminar on future impact of blogging / social media on national TV and Radio broadcasting

* Belgacom - Skynet event

* Belgium Marketing Federation - future of marketing, mobile, reaching multichannel customers, next-generation call-centres

* Birla financial services group - part of Aditya Birla

* Black & Veatch - future of utility companies

* BNP Paribas - client events on banking and future of retail and e-commerce / mobile payments in Bulgaria

* Bord Bia - Irish Food Board - future of food and drink industry in Ireland

* BP - internal strategy group on future of the energy industry and green tech innovation

* Britannia Building Society - senior team

* British Frozen Foods Federation - national members event on future of frozen food and food retail trends

* BT - BT Openworld launch

* BUPA - consultancy and internal event on future of health care, hospitals and pharma

* C&A - global team on future of retail stores, shopping malls

* Capco - client events for CIOS on future technology

* Cap Gemini - senior leadership

* Carlsburg - senior leadership event on future of food and drink industry

* Carlgon Waggonlit - global internal event on future of travel industry

* Carlton Television - future of TV, radio and online broadcasting trends

* Charles Russell - partners workshop on private client legal services, and Corporate and Social Responsibility strategy, Private Banking, legal advice and Philanthropy

* Church Commissioners (UK) - fund management / pensions investment team - future of pensions and wealth management

* CIONet - future of technology, corporate IT and mobile customers

* CGI Group

* Clariden Bank - board

* Coloplast - client events for cancer nurses / clients

* Compaq - European executive board on future of retail computer companies / manufacturers

* Comverse - CIO event on IT trends

* Concours Group - range of events for CIOs and HR professionals

* Co-op group - future of retail and corporate banking, and future of retail

* Copesul (Brazil petrochemicals) - future of petrochemical industry in Latin America

* Corenet Global - events in Chicago, Paris, Salt Lake City, Shanghai on real estate

* Cotton Council - members forum

* Credit Suisse Group - CEO's event, Private Banking - major client

* Credit Suisse Investment Banking - executive board / senior team

* CSC Consulting - events for CIOs

* Danfoss

* Danish Wind Energy Association - global supply chain management / logistics

* Danone - executive education seminars / leadership and strategy workshops etc on future health through food etc

* Dassault Falcon - client event at NBAA for 800 pilots / future of aviation industry

* Deloitte - global trends for senior leaders

* Design Centre Denmark - annual awards event

* Deutsche Bank - IT innovation

* Deutsche Post - future of postal services internal event - logistics / distribution / couriers and postal services

* DHL - future of logistics and supply chain management - internal event

* Diageo - product innovation in food and drink industry

* Dubai Ports Authority - future of logistics and supply chain management, future of shipping

* Dutch Royal Chemical Society - 100th anniversary - future of chemical industry

* EADS / Airbus - internal senior management event on future of IT / aviation

* EEN - customer focus and innovation - internal event

* EFMD (European Federation of Management Development)

* Emmanuel Schools Foundation - future of education

* E-novation - future of retail, e-commerce, mobile payments, digital innovation - in Poland

* Envision - Denmark - client event on marketing and consumer trends

* Ernst and Young - large internal event for partners etc - future of banks and auditing firms

* Estonia Government officials - regional and global trends

* Etisalat Telecom, United Arab Emirates - consultancy

* European Banking Association - future of mobile payments

* European Coffee Federation

* European Commission - World Women's Day - gender in the workplace, diversity and work-life balance, and Leadership Integrity 

* European Federation of Facilities Management - factories / offices / real estate

* European Food Packaging Industry - future of packaging, paper, cardboard

* European Internet Foundation - future digital lifestyles

* European Institute for Research Management (EIRMA) - future of clinical research and compliance in clinical trials

* European Patent Office - 2,700 patent lawyers on future of patents and intellectual property trends

* European School of Management and Technology - many Executive Education programmes

* European School of Management

* Eversheds - senior management team on strategy / legal firm trends plus video for national leadership programme (23 meetings)

* ExxonMobil - executive development programme - future of energy industry and green tech

* EPCA (European PetroChemical Association) - annual conference on chemical industry trends - 40th and 50th anniversary meetings

* Falck - future of emergency services, ambulances, fire services, road breakdown, health care

* Family Office - client event for Ultra High Net Worth families (UHNWs) on investment opportunities, succession planning

* Fedex - client events tour UAE / India - global trends, supply chain management

* Federgen - internal event

* Femsa - global leadership keynote on future retail trends for global corporation, owner of Oxxo retail chain (Mexico), Coca Cola bottling etc

* Financial Times - New York event on future of biotech and health care

* Finland Marketing Federation - annual conference on future of marketing

* Food Business Forum - global (CIES) trends in food industry

* Forbes - leadership event

* Ford - Jaguar - future of auto industry

* Fortune - CEO Summit

* Fortis - client event - investment banking trends

* Friends First Bank - Ireland - senior managers on future of wealth management

* Freshfields - global partners keynote on future of international law firms, corporate legal departments

* Fujitsu Siemens - event for 2,000 clients with CEO on future of technology

* Gartner - European client event on future tech

* Gasunie - future of energy keynote

* Georgia Technology Forum - awards evening

* Genactis - client event on future of pharma, health care and biotech

* Genentech - internal event for 100 logistics / production team on biotech and global trends

* General Electric - client event for gas turbines division - future of energy

* Gillette - executive board and senior team - global trends in consumer health, retail trends

* Givaudin - global client event - future of food flavourings, fragrant, perfumes etc

* Global Collect - future of international payments, mobile payments, retail banking and alternative payment systems

* Globe Forum - sustainability and green tech open innovation

* Global Futures Forum - global trends

* Glory Global - future of money handling and cash

* Google - CEO summits - session Chairman at VIP Zeitgeist events, and client events on mobile / multichannel marketing , future of travel and tourism etc

* Govnet London Connect conference - CIOs of government departments on future of IT

* GSK - consultancy over three years on future of health and pharma innovation, in the search for next-generation pharmaceutical and retail products. Also Global Leadership Forum plus work on future trends in pharmaceutical industry, over the counter, dental products, drinks etc

* Hager Group

* Hanoi Business School, Vietnam - Future of Vietnam and Asia

* HEC - business school presentation in Paris

* Henry Schein - CEO event for dental suppliers - future of dentistry and oral hygiene

* Hewlett Packard

* Hindalco - global team as part of Aditya Birla Chairman's Awards


* Hoffmann LaRoche

* Holy Trinity Brompton Church - range of leadership training events, Alpha course leadership, global trends and impact on church mission

* Hostelworld - future of hostels, budget hotels, transport and leisure

* Hotel Ecoliere de Lausanne - future of hotels and hospitality industry

* Houston Energy Forum - global energy trends

* HRA Pharma

* HSBC - Chairman's Summit - global leadership teams over several years, Senior global team, Private Banking client event, Investment Banking, Panama client event, HSBC global insurance team, business school presentation

* IBEC - Ireland - industry federation annual conference, multiple events

* IBM - client events including European Summit for CIOs on digital trends, risk management and innovation

* IBS - global client event - logistics technology

* ICBI - events for fund managers

* ICPM - International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine - clinical research teams

* i-Comverse -

* IDC Keynote for CIOs of large banks

* IDTG - Impact Development Training Group - on sustainability

* IKEA - corporate video on future trends and impact on manufacturing / retail furniture sales


* ING Bank - leadership development

* INCOME - senior leadership team strategy workshop on future of insurance industry in Singapore / Asia

* Indian School of Business (Hyderabad) - leadership development programme

* Indurama - global leadership team on future of textiles and plastics manufacturing, packaging and bottling, process innovation, supply chain management and leadership development

* Intel - internal leadership / strategy and innovation

* ISS - facilities management - global leadership team

* Imerys - future of speciality metals and global manufacturing including auto industry

* Influencia - France - management conference

* Informa - future of legal / accounting firms

* Infosys - European client event with CEO

* Innotown - Norwegian innovation forum in theatre for 500 people

* Insight - future trends

* Institute of Management

* Institute of Clinical Research - future of clinical studies and regulation of clinical trials

* International Mutual Funds Institute - future of investment and fund management

* International School in Brussels - future of education and keeping up with digital natives - advice for parents

* Investec - global risk management team

* Istanbul Chamber of Industry - annual conference

* ITS - global client event for CIOs on future of corporate IT

* Jebel Ali Free Zone (Dubai) - future of Free Zones and other trends affecting economic growth in Middle East

* Johnson and Johnson - internal seminar on strategy and on future pharma trends

* Johnson Controls - senior clients event on real estate trends and control systems

* Johnson Matthey - global leadership team strategy day - on future of specialist chemicals and precious metals

Jones Lang LaSalle 

* Kazakhstan Investment Forum (Karaganda) - keynote at Summit hosted by the Prime Minister on future trends impacting Kazakhstan economy

* Kiln Group - client event

* KLM - group executive board on future of the aviation industry

* Koch

* Kohler - global leadership summit - future of retail, bathrooms, kitchens, construction etc

* Komit

* KPMG - leadership summit on emerging markets, financial risk management, HR directors

* Kraft Jacobs Suchard - future of food, retail

* Knight Frank - partners conference on future of real estate and future of estate agents

* Kyocera - client event on future of digital world / business IT / communications

* Laing O'Rourke - executive development / leadership training - future real estate, construction, engineering

* Latitude - client event on web-based marketing trends

* Leading Edge Strategy Group - client event

* Leadership Trust (UK) - annual conference keynote

* Leica Microsystems - future of health care and life sciences research - series of TV studio videos for clients

* Linkage

* Linklaters - futuring exercise for global legal firm

* Lithuania CEO Summit

* LLoyds TSB - global IT team - future of banking and IT

* Localisation World - global forum on trends

* Lombard - client event

* London Business School - many executive education programmes, customised company programmes, open enrollment programmes and MBA lectures

* L'Oreal - corporate video on global consumer trends

* Loral - global client event on future of satellites and telecommunications / media

* M Financial - future insurance customers and wider trends

* MACE - future of real estate services and outsourcing

* Maersk - future of container shipping - client event

* Malta Marketing Association - future of marketing

* Macquarie Bank - real estate funds

* Management Center Europe (MCE) - range of corporate events

* MaCann Erikson - board plus senior team, future of marketing and corporate communications

* Marketing Forum - Istanbul, national conference - keynote on Happynomics

* Martin Currie - future of fund management, hot sectors for fund buying

* MCCA - Marketing Communication Consultants Association

* McDonalds - executive development, strategy - future trends in fast-food industry / convenience foods

* McKinsey - keynote at strategy day for large global client

* Mediamind - mobile marketing, m-commerce and multichannel customers

* Mercer - client event - future of fund management

* MergerMarkets - - multiple events for fund managers

* Microsoft - several client events including one for their top 50 global clients

* Minsheng Bank, China (World Bank Technical Assistance Programme)

* MITIE - seminar on future of global outsourcing of services

* Mitsui Group

* Mobilcom (Austria) - on future of telecom

* Morgan Stanley - investment bank executive board, and also client event

* Morley Fund - fund managers annual conference

* MPI - Meeting Professionals International - slides of keynote to 4,500 organisers of corporate events - video of same keynote

* MTN - Africa and Middle East global leadership event on future of telecom / mobile in emerging markets

* Munich Re - client event and internal event on risk management

* NAIS - National Association of Independent Schools - US - future of education and creating global corporate citizens

* NCR - client events

* Netlaw Media - future of law firms, corporate legal departments

* New Wine - seminar for church leaders on power of people movements to transform the world

* NHS primary Care Trust (UK) - future of health care

* Nordea Bank - leadership development / strategy - executive development programmes to develop new strategic thinking

* North island Financial Credit Union (NIFCU) - future of Credit Unions, banking and financials services trends

* North West England Health Authority - strategies to combat smoking / health education and promotion of well-being

* NIS (National Association of Independant schools)

* Nokia - internal leadership events, strategy development team, Asia client event, future trends analysis and how to build scenarios

* Nokia Siemens - future of telecom, mobile, digital and future of business enterprise communications

* North West Tourist Board UK - client event on future of tourism

* Novo Nordisk - future of pharma and health care trends - internal event

* Nutreco - client event on future of fish farming and food, future of aquaculture

* Oasis - future of development and non-profit organisations

* Octo Technology

* O2 - internal event on future of wireless communications and future of telecom customers

* Opportunities for Entrepreneurs (UK) - future trends and business start-up opportunities

* Optegra - national tour of client events in UK re next-generation eye hospitals and future of opthalmology

* Ottobock - future of health care, prosthetics, and mobility solutions

* Oxxo - leadership event for retail chain of over 7000 grocery stores / food and drink outlets

* Panasonic

* PepsiCo - strategy / trends internal event

* Pinnacle Communications

* Philips - global leadership team

* Pom+

* Portugese Marketing Association - future of marketing

* Portuguese Tourist Board - future of hospitality, travel and tourism

* Posten - Swedish Post Office on future of logistics and supply chain management

* Post Office (Consignia - UK) - consulting

* Premier Radio - future of Christian radio

* PriceWaterhouse Coopers - leadership event 

* PrivatBank - Ukraine - Chairman's strategy forum on future of banking and financial services in Ukraine

* Prudential - senior executive team - series of leadership development programmes on future of insurance industry

* Qualcomm - senior executive team plus top 750 people - future of mobile / telecom

* Rabobank - leadership development, strategy, trends - future of banks and financial services

* RCB Bank

* Reckitt Benckiser - internal event on future health

* Red Prairie - global client event on future logistics and supply chain management

* Reg Vardy - auto sales UK - senior executive team on future of the retail auto industry

* Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS)- future of clinical research and regulation

* Revistas Enfassis - Mexico

* Rexam - client event and internal event for global leadership team on future of packaging industry (glass and plastics)

* Ricoh - future of IT and printing

* Rieter

* Richmond Events - various keynotes eg 1,000 HR directors on future of Human Resources, talent management and leadership development

* Rio Tinto - leadership development

* RMB - global team annual conference

* Roche - Switzerland and UK client events - future of pharma and health care trends

* Roularta - event for fund managers / clients

* Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) - consultancy on future of Euro / impact, global legal team - future of law etc , RBS insurance, RBS global leadership team (scenario development to test strategy) and "Big Issues for Banks"

* Royal Dutch Chemical Association - centenary celebrations - future of chemical industry

* Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) - global leadership team / board members etc - future of insurance industry

* RPC - executive board and senior team day - future of food packaging

* Ruling Companies - Italy

* SABC - South Africa Broadcasting Corporation - internal events

* Saga - consulting on wide range of strategic issues relating to insurance, travel and health / home care

* Said Business School Oxford - leadership development programmes

* SAir Group (SwissAir) - board plus senior team - future of aviation and business travel

* SAP - client events including CEO / CIO summit

* Saks Inc (incl Saks 5th Avenue) future of chains of retail stores / malls - consultancy

* Sandvik - future of mining and heavy industry 

* Sanofi - internal events - future of health care / life sciences research / pharma

* Santander Bank - global leadership team strategy day

* Sara Lee - board and senior team - global trends affecting the group

* Saudi Arabian Government - several events

* ServiceMaster - executive board - future of service companies

* Schwan's Frozen Foods - board and executive team - future of frozen food

* Schweizerische Gesellschaft fur Organisation

* SEB group - board plus senior team - future of corporate banking

* Siemens - internal and external events for medical, telecom, computer and systems control divisions, plus executive education, client event on future trends in manufacturing

* SingTel - global leadership team strategy / future telco and emerging market trends

* Sistema - global leadership team: global trends and future of Russia

* Shell - client event on future energy trends

* Shroeders

* SHV Gas - senior leadership team - future of gas and green tech / energy industry

* Skandia - future of banking, investment funds

* Skynet Belgacom - high level client marketing event for 1000 people on future of telecom

* Smith and Nephew - consultancy on medical technology innovation

* Smurfitt Kappa - global client event - future retail trends and future of packaging

* SolidWorks - client keynote on future of 3D imaging in manufacturing and product design

* Somfy - leadership team / trends and strategic issues - future of automated intelligent homes and domestic control systems

* South Korea Government - technology, innovation, convergence, health care, medtech

* Spring Harvest - church mission in a digital, mobile, multichannel world

* Stagecoach - future impact of green tech and global warming on bus, rail, road and air travel / transport

* Stan am Rhein leadership summit - future of biotech, healthcare, CEO Summit - how convergent technology will change our world

* STC - Saudi Telecom Company - internal leadership events / strategy - future of telecom - 200 senior leaders

* State of Connecticut - Innovation Awards Ceremony

* Steinhoff - future of global retail and budget stores - global leadership summit

* Sterios - client event

* Strategos

* Strategic Real Estate Investment - consulting

* Stratreal

* St Joseph's Hospital Ontario - awards dinner on future of health care

* SSL (Loral) - future of satellites and communications

* Starwoods hotel group - global event for top 800 in company on future of hotels and hospitality industry, customer expectations

* Suez Environmental - future of water, green tech

* Swedish Groceries Association - future of retail, food and drink industries, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

* Symantec - client event on online security, cybercrime, cyber attacks, hacking etc

* Sudler and Hennessey - (Biosense Webster - Johnson and Johnson) - Chairing medical conference session

* Sulzer

* Sumitomo Bank, Japan - future banking

* Sustainability Forum - Zurich

* Swiss Re - Centre for Global Dialogue and Chairman's Dinner, client event etc, Diversity in Insurance Industry

* Swiss Stock Exchange - executive board - future of stock exchanges in a virtual world

* Tarkett - global leadership development

* Tata - CIO client event

* TDC - client event

* Tear Fund - strategy for development agency / future of international development

* Telenor - major clients event

* Teliasonera - telecom client event

* Tetrapak - board and senior team, CEO summit - future of liquid food packaging

* TEVA Pharma - events on pharma risk management and pharma innovation

* The Leadership Trust

* Tieto

* Times of India - national VIP events

* Toshiba - client event in Australia

* Tourism in Ireland - future of leisure travel and tourist industry

* Transformational Business Network (TBN)

* TravelPort

* TRW Auto Industry - auto industry in year 2022 - future trends

* Tulip - future of food industry

* Turkey Tourist Board - travel, tourism and hospitality / hotel trends

* UBA - european client event

* UBS (client for more than a decade: Private Banking, Retail Banking, Investment Banking and Central Finance Divisions and e-banking strategy development for pre-merger UBS Group Executive Board)

* UK Church Commissioners (pension fund)

* Ulster Bank - client event on future of Northern Ireland economy

* Unaxis - board and senior team

* Unilever - global trends impact on HR, and workplace trends, and future of ice cream / frozen food, and future of fast moving consumer goods

* Unisys - CEO summit, plus many other client and internal events

* United Nations - UNAIDS - collaboration in fighting AIDS, provision of services and partnership in publication of AIDS Action book (in over 35 )

* United Nations Credit Union (UNCU) - future of credit unions, banking and financial services

* United Nations Industrial Development Organisation - UNIDO

* University of Salford Management School (Keil Centre)

* UPM - SustainAgility, future of biofore, green tech - global leadership event

* Urban Land Institute

* Urban Forum - Future HR and talent management in energy industry

* University of Wisconsin - E-Business consortium annual event (UWEBC)

* US Pacific Command - Pentagon - ways to anticipate and prevent future conflicts / wars and threats to the Unites States of America

* Vaekstfonden - Denmark Venture Capital Fund

* Vattenfall - global leadership team, and european leadership team meetings - future of the energy industry - slides of keynote

* Veitch - client event for US utility companies (water, power, phone)

* Veolia - global team of water division

* Virttu Biologics Ltd - consulting and Chairman of company (2013/2014)

* VHA - Voluntary Hospitals Association (US)

* Virgin Group - Virgin Atlantic Executive Boardon future of aviation

* Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School Belgium

* Vodafone - internal event for UK senior leaders on future of wireless services - made in 2008, anticipating 2015 and 2012 Future of telcos and why the business models are broken

* Volters Kluwer

* Vontobel Bank (Switzerland) - board workshop on private banking trends, senior executive team

* Vorwork - future of appliances and home automation etc

* Weddings Online - future of weddings advisor services and suppliers

* Welsh Assembly - Parliamentary training programme

* Winterthur Insurance - board workshop on insurance trends

* Wheaton College - board and senior team

* World Bank - technical assistance team to China (Minsheng Bank / Chinese government)

* World Economic Forum - Davos keynote, contributor to Governor's meetings, speaker at regional World Economic Forum in Africa

* WorldPay - global client event on future of payments

* Wyeth pharmaceuticals - internal leadership events / executive education - future of pharma and health care

* Xylem - global leadership event - sustainable business and CSR

* Yapi Kredi - Turkish Bank - CEO / Executive team strategy day

* Young Bilderburg

* Young Professsionals Organisation (YPO) - series of events around the world including a family university in Brazil, in London


* Zellweger Luwa AG - board and senior team

* Zermatt Summit Foundation - How to create a better and more sustainable future - seeking The Common Good

* Zurich Financial Services - client and internal events, for largest commercial insurance brokers in UK

* International conferences: World Economic Forum (Davos), Southern African Economic Summit, Emirates International Forum, Internet Expo 1998 (Helsinki)

Read more: Global Change Ltd. - Recent Clients


Lectures on the future - countries visited by Dr Patrick Dixon

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Clients: Future Trends, Futurist Keynote Speaker

54 countries where Dr Patrick Dixon has addressed audiences on future trends / economic / social / political / techology / health / demographic / business issues. Patrick Dixon has given keynotes at conferences in Australia, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Burundi, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, India, Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Zimbabwe.

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Some Companies at Dr Dixon's Futurist Keynote Presentations

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Clients: Future Trends, Futurist Keynote Speaker

List of Clients

Read more: Some Companies at Dr Dixon's Futurist Keynote Presentations


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