The Truth about COVID-19. Impact on health care, vaccines, pharma. Health care Keynote Speaker

Life Beyond Coronavirus. Virtual Event Futurist Keynote Speaker.High audience engagement on COVID-19

Q+A on Coronavirus: global impact - with Futurist physician advisor to corporations and government. Coronavirus / COVID-19 keynote speaker

Why many don't trust government info about health scares, and why most people distrust marketing messages - truth about social media. Marketing keynote speaker

Future of Cars: auto industry trends. Robot drivers, e-vehicles, flying cars - keynote speaker

Future of Marketing - key messages, seconds before start of my marketing keynote - VIDEO

Future of Personalised Mailings. Totally customised high speed print, programmatic marketing keynote- VIDEO

Next-generation print marketing - programmatic printing, integrated marketing - keynote speaker VIDEO

Totally personal books: future of book printing, customisation, short print runs. Publishing keynote VIDEO

Future of Programmatic Marketing. Integrate print and e-marketing. Futurist keynote speaker VIDEO

Feed Your Gut Microbes! Huge impact of nutrition on health and Microbiome. Futurist health keynote VIDEO

Trust is the most important thing you sell - health marketing keynote speaker - Dr Patrick Dixon - VIDEO

Future of Leadership, Corporate Strategy, Business Ethics - Keynote Speaker

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Leadership, Strategy, Business Ethics - Keynotes

Future of leadership - many Futurist articles, videos, conference keynote presentations for senior leadership teams of multinational corporations by Futurist Patrick Dixon - on Leadership, Strategy and Corporate Ethics. Patrick Dixon is one of the world's best-known keynote speakers on leadership, strategy, business ethics and global trends, has worked with hundreds of the world's largest companies and has been ranked one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today. Leadership and business strategy. What is leadership? What is strategy? Leadership syles, skills, development and leadership qualities. Why business ethics will be a number one survival issue for many large companies.  Clients include Microsoft, Barclays Bank, HSBC, AT&T, Aviva, Prudential, Siemens, Nokia, Phillips, US Federal Government, Fedex, BP, Unilever, McDonalds, GSK, Forbes, Fortune, Accenture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and World Bank. Patrick Dixon has given keynotes on leadership related issues at events in North America, Central America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Scandinavia, Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Asia Pacific. Themes: How to make things happen. Effective leadership training, leadership methods, change management, ethical leadership, leadership integrity, virtual teams, multinational leadership, inspirational and motivational leadership. How to develop strong strategies for growth.

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