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Viagra - Pills for impotence

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future Health Care and Pharma Keynote Speaker

Recent news and information on treatment for erectile dysfunction.


This is an archive page. For June 2000 onwards go here

1000s of men in Australia have used Viagra, importing direct or buying on Internet. Official approval expected by September 1998. Age Melbourne 13 July 1998

More Viagra warnings: don't take it with GTN (glyceryl trinitrate or any other medically prescribed nitrate - heart pills). Viagra lowers blood pressure. Canada Newswire 9 Jul7 1998

Pre-tax profits at Pfizer which makes Viagra, increased by 38pc to $628m in the second quarter of this year. Financial Times 10 July 1998

Viagra for women: several hundred women have now taken Viagra in clinical trials, many in Britain and the US. Those participating are reporting positive results according to comments made by marriage agency Relate. Daily telegraph 9 July 1998

Britain warned Viagra will add $2 million to annual drugs bill - 25% of total drugs budget - after Viagra available on scripts from September 1998. That's based on two Viagra tablets a week for the 10% of men with erectile dysfunction. But many others will ask for Viagra - how can you prove who has a genuine problem and who does not? Urologists will be busy. There are only 400 in the UK compared to the same number in Los Angeles alone. One Urologist expects to see 1,500 extra patients in the next few months for Viagra requests. That's if only 10% of impotent men are referred to him in his area. Daily Telegraph 8 July 1998

30 Viagra deaths reported officially by 4 July 1998 world-wide. Linked to Vigra but cause not proven. True total will be many more. For example I have been sent an e-mail from a friend of a widow who said that her husband had died shortly after taking Viagra, but she was too embarrassed to tell the doctors, so the death was recorded as "natural causes". Since many older people are taking Viagra, it is hard to tell apart a Viagra death from a co-incidence. It may take a decade for the Viagra picture to develop, but even then it will be incomplete because death during or immediately after sex is hard enough for a bereaved partner to talk about without having to drag up the fact that this was a super-charged Viagra-induced event. Various sources. 6 July 1998

Medicaid must pay for Viagra says US government. 90% eligible for Medicaid are women and children and there are fears that Medicaid will be overwhelmed by Viagra demand. Criteria for handing out Viagra scripts will be strict medical vetting for genuine cases of erectile dysfunction. Reuters 2 July 1998

The Rising Price of Love - true cost of sexual revolution - whole book free on net - made banner headlines when first published. Many issue relevant to Viagra debate - book now out of print by Dr Patrick Dixon therefore available here as a public service. Easy to find your way around.

Church of England gets financial boost from Viagra sales - $1.6 million extra share value from investments. See article

Chinese authorities grill man with Viagra in luggage - he paid $400 a tablet. Reuters 3 July 1998

While Argentina is still to approve Viagra pill, Bago wants to introduce a competing drug from India. Bago is aiming to capture some of the $60 million a month spent on Viagra. Bago will call the new drug Lumix. South American Business Information 1 July 1998

Mayor of a small town in Brazil offers men free Viagra to "save village", after trying to ban sales of contraceptives. His aim is population growth. (town Bocaiuva du Sul) Sunday Telegraph 28 June 1998

50 web-sites advertise Viagra tablets, despite health warnings about unsupervised use. Asia Intelligence Wire 28 June

United Arab Emirates approves medical use of Viagra. Reuters 29 June 1998

Medical Mutual health insurer in US says Viagra will be available for over 18 year olds when medically indicated. Other insurance companies are anxious about Viagra overload and higher premiums all round. National Underwriter Company 29 June 1998

Pfizer shares slide as 30 men die taking Viagra and 100 report severe side effects - does Viagra kill? With two million men in US already taking Viagra it is inevitable that some will die as a matter of coincidence while under Viagra influence. Viagra is risky when combined with other medication affecting heart or blood pressure. It is often being prescribed with minimal medical supervision and the black market means use with no medical contact at all. However risks of deaths in older men with sick hearts will not dampen the Viagra craze, which has turned Viagra into a recreational drug. Various sources July 1998

The Medicines Control Agency today (29 June 1998) issued the following statement to clarify the UK legal position on the sale and supply of Viagra (Sildenafil):

"Viagra is an unlicensed medicinal product in the UK and can only be sold or supplied to an individual patient via a prescription by a doctor.

"A doctor can only supply the product for a patient under his care, where a clinical need has been identified. As with all unlicensed medicinal products, it is prescribed on a named patient basis - on the doctor's personal responsability.

"Any other form of retail sale or supply of Viagra, including advertising, is a criminal offence under the Medicines Act 1968. The MCA is currently investigating illegal trading and advertising activities and will take action against traders.

"Viagra is a powerful medicinal product and should only be used in accordance with the directions of a doctor. People run very real risks with their health if they obtain it from other sources such as mail order or the Internet, and take it without the direction of a doctor. We strongly advise against buying Viagra this way."

A Special Enquiry Unit has been set up by the MCA's Enforcement division. A telephone line to supply the unit with confidential information is available on 00 44 (0) 171 273 0617.

Blindness reported following Viagra without medical supervision. Saudi Gazette 18 June 1998

Hungary bans all Viagra sales. Industry Express MarketLetter 29 June 1998

2 million men have been given Viagra scripts in the US in first 14 weeks. Various reports

World Cup hits Viagra demand by 40% in Israel. Reuters News Service 15 June 1998

The Rising Price of Love - true cost of sexual revolution - whole book free on net - made banner headlines when first published. Many issue relevant to Viagra debate - book now out of print by Dr Patrick Dixon therefore available here as a public service. Easy to find your way around.

Street price of Viagra in Brighton UK hits $100 a tablet. Personal sources June 1998

Viagra $300 a tablet in China on black market. 15 June South China Morning Post

"Viagra widow" sues for damages - husband takes Viagra and has sex for the first time in four years - with another woman. Independent 17 June 1998

Slow take-up in Brazil. Chicago Tribune 17 June 1998

Couple claims Viagra saves their marriage . Australian Business Review 15 June 1998

Thai authorities take action against illegal imports of Viagra. Various sources 17 June 1998

Vietnam and Malaysia hold discussions on whether to approve Viagra. 17 June 1998

NHS in UK poised to approve free Viagra for patients by September 1998. Daily Telegraph June 1998

New research to produce Viagra with less side effects, under tongue for instant action. Belfast Newsletter 15 June 1998

Huge interest in Middle East with Saudi company negotiating for manufacturing rights. Reuters 17 June 1998

Not with a bang - Viagra is getting columnists aroused around the world, who write their own Viagra stories. Guardian 9 May 1998

South Korea: Sex drug stimulates black market - Viagra pills smuggled into country fetching HK$170 each - more than double normal price. Viagra bought by men with no impotence problems.. Such a sensation that Pfizer's local office warns "Viagra is not an aphrodisiac". Koreans smuggle Viagra disguised as vitamin pills and dietary supplements. In one week Post Offices seized 40 Viagra bottles. Customs now say only one bottle allowed per tourist with 80,000 won tax per bottle (HK$500). Each tourist must sign a form saying Viagra will not be resold. South China Morning Post 8 May 1998

South America: Argentina - Bago to distribute Viagra - Comtex News 8 May 1998

Australia: Doctor warned on Viagra claim - after saying his clinics would prescribe Viagra before officially approved. Sydney Morning Herald 8 May 1998

Switzerland: Potency drug Viagra sparks run on Swiss chemists - Italians wanting Viagra are streaming into Tessin in Italian-speaking southern Switzerland and Germans are rushing for Viagra to Zurich in the North. Swiss law bans Viagra sales but the 26 cantons have great freedom to apply laws as they see fit. Only official legal place in Europe to buy Viagra is republic of San Morino in Italy. Reuters News Service 8 may 1998

US: Cancer survivor Bob Dole calls Viagra "Great Drug" - Reuters News Service 8 May 1998

South Africa - Viagra causing stir. Reuters News Service 8 May 1998

Australia - Men's troubles on rise - Viagra demand unstoppable. New survey of 1,200 Perth men finds almost 40% of men have problems with getting or maintaining an erection. Average age of surveyed men was 56.4. Previous estimates 10-15%. 20% aged 60-69 unable to get any erection. Only 10% with problems sought help. Age Melbourne 7 May 1998

US: Sunglasses block side effects caused by Viagra - BluBlocker Corp say their blue block glasses work to counteract Viagra sight changes. Business Wire 7 May 1998

Malaysia Internet: Experiences with Viagra - Internet discussions moderated by a doctor on the net Asia Intelligence Wire 7 May 1998

Israel: Black market in Viagra - tablets £20 each - Viagra more expensive than heroin. Mirror 7 May 1998

Australia: Too much love drug an eyesore - American Academy of Ophthalmologists says Viagra may impair vision 30-50%

Mexico: huge demand after saturation TV coverage. Reuters News Service 7 May 1998

UK: Women in secret tests for sex drug reaction - Viagra may increase sensitivity. Advertiser (Adelaide) 7 May 1998

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February 08, 2011 - 01:58

what is the age limit for this kind of medication? if any?

Alina Bush
December 28, 2010 - 10:02
Generic Viagra

There should be strict laws on usage of GV Moreover Licensing system should be more selective in permitting License to sell GV.I was regular user of GV, but most of time it was disappointment for me after i get the product from online shopping.

July 18, 2010 - 09:58

Does any 1 say me what does it vigra name in india medical store

July 17, 2010 - 23:05

it might kill a man if he swallowed a whole bottle of viagra.

Jean-Dominique MOSNIER
November 25, 2008 - 22:06
Je mange bien, je suis bien

Je mange bien, je suis bien
Je mange bien, je suis bien
Je mange bien, je suis bien
Je mange bien, je suis bien
Je mange bien, je suis bien

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