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Trust is the Most Important Thing You Sell. Managing your Reputational Risk - vital lessons for all leaders. How to build trust with key customers and markets. Futurist Keynote Speaker

A Christian Response to AIDS - ACET Church AIDS programmes - international NGO started by Dr Patrick Dixon in 1988, programmes today in many nations including Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, India, Thailand, Ireland, Ukraine and UK

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future Health Care and Pharma Keynote Speaker

ACET is an international AIDS agency, active in over 20 nations, founded by Dr Patrick Dixon in 1988.  Programmes in countries such as Uganda, S Africa, DR Congo, Russia, India, Thailand, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Facts about AIDS:
  • 1 in 200 of all adults globally are already infected - and the church in many nations is a major provider of compassionate care for those with AIDS
  • 1 new infection every 15 seconds - 85 million so far
  • 1 million infected so far in US
  • More AIDS deaths in US alone each year in 1990s than in entire Vietnam War
  • 95% of all infection globally in last 12 months is 'hetero'
  • Epidemic slowing down in wealthier nations where spread mainly among men who have had sex with men and among drug users
  • Some towns and cities in Africa have infection rates as high as 1 in 3 of those between 15 and 65
  • In Uganda infection rates are showing signs of decline, especially among the young
  • There is still no vaccine or cure
  • Best treatments for HIV involve multiple drug therapy e.g. HIV protease inhibitors. These prevent viral genes from entering genes of white cells, or prevent viral production.
  • HIV continues to mutate rapidly.
  • Global infection toll to date: 85 million of which half are dead
  • First five cases diagnosed 1981
  • As recently as 1985 doctors were still pumping infected blood into people because they thought it was safe, and 'heteros'  were still thought to be largely immune
  • Rapid infection in poorer nations may be linked to co-factors such as other untreated   transmitted diseases
  • Most deaths from HIV are directly related to immune damage (TB commonest cause of AIDS death) or to HIV-induced tumours.

I will never forget the first person I met with AIDS: a young student desperately ill in a side-room. He was anxious, sweaty panting for breath, and gripped with fear. He was alone and about to die. (Article on a Christian response to AIDS published in Tear Times 1997). From that moment on I found I was involved. Here was a human being made in God's image, in great need. How could I respond other than to care and help, laying aside any personal feelings I might have had about lifestyles, and the means by which he had become infected?

So often as Christians reacting to AIDS we do nothing or find ourselves rushing to open our bibles, to declare to ourselves and to others that something is wrong. Yet in our sudden response we can loose sight of God's mercy, love and forgiveness - and the reality that many have been infected through the actions of others rather than through their own behaviour. It is possible as to be technically correct in interpreting God's standards for human behaviour yet terribly wrong and un Christian in our own attitudes.

Christian response to AIDS must be guided by example of Jesus

Take the example of Jesus with the woman caught in the act of adultery - really the story of the missing man (1). Here are a bunch of angry men, looking for an excuse to lynch a woman, yet it takes two to and the man is nowhere to be seen. In Jesus' day there was a hierarchy of sin: woman sex sin punished by death, other sin was more or less acceptable, while man sex sin was hardly worth fussing about.

Jesus loathed their double standards and self-opinionated hypocrisy.

He cut right through them with just one sentence: "If any one of you is without sin let him be the first to throw a stone at her" (2). "Yes you sir, who's eyes have never strayed to the top shelf of WH Smith, you who have never been jealous, spiteful, rude or have never gossiped behind someone's back, you who are the perfect wife, you who have never lost your temper with the children, you who have never told a half-truth or broken the speed limit. You come now and cast the stone."

No one moved. Jesus stared them all out until they all left one by one - the oldest first. In one sentence Jesus had totally destroyed any possibility of judging others according to a ranking of sin. All of us have sinned and fallen short of God's glory (3), all are utterly dead outside of God's grace (4).

When it comes to pointing the finger, Jesus forbids the Christian community to put ourselves on a pedestal when it comes to HIV / AIDS.

He was the only person on this earth who had the right to condemn yet he says to the woman "neither do I condemn you". He also adds "go now and leave your life of sin" (5) .

As Christians we get confused between the two things Jesus said: either we rush to make a moral statement, tripping up over judgmental attitudes along the way, or we rush to express God's mercy and love, falling into a deep hole where there is no longer a clear moral framework for living. The Jesus way is to hold infinite love and perfect standards in tension together - something we need his help to do. This is the Christian way.

Let us be absolutely clear that the teaching of scripture from Genesis to Revelation is constant regarding the wonderful gift of sex union, as a celebration of love and friendship between a man and woman committed together for life. God loves sex, it's the waste of sex outside marriage that causes him grief. The bible is far more daring and explicit than our sermons on sex, making clear that all sex union outside marriage is wrong.

Sex is shown to be a mystery, a spiritual event when two become "one flesh" (6). We see the physical side of this whenever a sperm fuses with an egg. Half a cell from a woman fuses with half a cell from a man to form literally one flesh: a new unique individual full of future personality and identity.

So how do we live with these tensions?

The way of Jesus is clear: a Christian AIDS response means we are called to express the unconditional love of God to all in need regardless of how they come to be so. This is fundamental to the call of the church to serve the world.

If someone is seriously hurt in a car crash just outside my house I rush out to help. I don't walk away just because I find out he's drunk and that is why there was an accident. Nor do I start preaching an anti-drunkenness sermon in the ambulance or on the ward. I do however talk about the story widely wherever I go, pointing out the dangers of drinking and driving.

With those affected by HIV/AIDS we are called to be helpful, to care and express love. The church has to act, seeking always to serve others.

We are there as servants to help as the person wishes and it is a privilege to do so. Many are shocked to find christians involved who care deeply while unable to endorse certain lifestyles.

I often think about the story Jesus told of the prodigal son (7). What would have happened if he had become infected with HIV while away and had died before having had time to think again? I imagine his dad reading the newspaper over breakfast one day and seeing the death notice of his own son. I imagine him breaking down in tears as he calls his wife: "He never phoned, he never wrote, and in ten years we had no news except through friends of friends".

I often think of people with AIDS today, many dying without hope and without God, and I think of our heavenly father, with tears pouring down his face, not wanting any to perish (8), or to be separated one day more, yet with sadness releasing people to go their own way.

Those with AIDS are the lepers of today. When Jesus touched the leper he made history - still talked about 2000 years later. It was the most powerful demonstration of the love of God that he could possibly have shown other than his own sacrificial death.

When a volunteer from a local church goes into a home that person carries the presence of Christ. Jesus has no body of his own: we the church are his body. We are his hands, his feet, his smile, his voice, his heart, his touch.

The only part of God that people see could be the life of Jesus in you or me. As we go into the home, and give someone a hug, or take someone's hand we too are making a little bit of history: a powerful declaration of God's love, a prophetic statement of his heart to people who often feel totally alienated from the church.

There is also a time for declaring God's design for living. Faced with a world disaster resulting largely from ignoring God's ways it would be unimaginable for the church to be silent. It is a fact that if everyone kept to just one partner for life, and ceased injecting drugs, HIV would be wiped off the face of this earth in less than 30 years. It is also true that continuing without restraint over the same period could cost over 200 million people's lives.

Condoms are an incomplete answer other than reducing the risk in the short term. Are governments honestly expecting a couple where one or other may have been at risk to go on using condoms for the next 50 years ? What happens when they want to have children or when the condom breaks, leaks, falls off or fails in some other way? Pregnancy rates are notoriously high with condoms. It was the pill that produced the "revolution" in the 1960s not the condom.

In any case, wealthy nations have been unwilling so far to provide enough cash to rubberise all sex in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world where such solutions cost more dollars that countries have. I was once offered a consignment of 140 million condoms for Africa - which sounds great till you work out that it would be enough to last the continent just one night, and cost more money than most large donors can provide for a decade - hardly a sustainable and practical strategy to contain explosive HIV spread in 2/3rds of the world.

The World Health Organisation has at last seen sense with the admission that "the most effective way to prevent transmission of HIV is to abstain, or for two uninfected individuals to be faithful to one another. Alternatively the correct use of a condom may reduce the risk significantly" (9).

These days when so many have been at risk through past behaviour, the only way for partners to be sure of safety may be for testing to be made widely available. In some countries up to a third of women with AIDS have been celibate and then monogamous, yet are now dying because their husbands were infected through other relationships. This is a controversial and sensitive area. Anyone considering a test needs expert advice first.

The WHO 3by5 inititiative aims to provide free antiviral treatment to 3 million people in Africa and Asia, and will at the same time offer free HIV testing to many millions more, hoping to encourage people to find out their status and take action to save their own lives and those of others, or to prolong their lives if they are infected.

How to help

Compassionate care for the ill and dying, and saving lives through prevention go hand in hand. Time is running out in many nations as each day the epidemic spreads further out of control.

We need to act now with a hard hitting message linked to care. Those involved in care have the greatest credibility and impact. Then people can see the reality of the illness, change behaviour and be motivated to help the dying and orphans left behind.

Is your church prepared at leadership level for AIDS ? Any growing church may find people with HIV as members as a result of previous lifestyles. For example, in Central and Eastern Europe, many churches are involved in drug rehabilitation eg Ukraine and Russia, and some churches have several hundred former drug-users in their congregations, of which up to 70% have HIV.

People with AIDS can be very sensitive to reactions: will this new person accept or reject? As with cancer a person can swing rapidly from anger, to denial, sadness, despair, hope, optimism, questioning, resignation, fighting, giving up, wanting active treatment, or even wanting to die.

Be sensitive to where the person is today, helping the person understand that in the midst of great uncertainties about the future, your own constant support and friendship is not in doubt, just as God's faithfulness and love is not in doubt.

There may be deep wounds from the past, and feelings of worthlessness. Guilt over unintentional passing of infection on to others, guilt over surviving when so many others have already died, and guilt about lifestyles may all be present. Feelings of isolation and loneliness may be intense. Fear of the process of dying is often far greater than the fear of death itself.

The greatest need is often for simple practical help rather than just for comforting words or a listening ear. Wiping someone's bottom can say more about your care for the person than six hours of sitting in an armchair. Many want to counsel someone with AIDS - but who is really prepared to go the extra mile?

A prayer by Bishop Misaeri Kauma (Uganda)

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, who enabled your servant Job to go victoriously through great bodily suffering without denying your name, power and love. Have mercy on us, Lord, who are stricken by this epidemic of AIDS. Stretch out your healing hand and hold back this virus. Strengthen and comfort, in Jesus Christ, those infected and ease their pain of body and mind. Send your Holy Spirit, renew us all, and lead us into repentance and faith in the Gospel. Give us the gift of discipline, that we may keep our bodies and minds clean and holy. Grant wisdom, knowledge and perseverance to all who seek a cure for AIDS, that they may find the drugs to prevent and heal the disease. Have mercy on us, Lord, and on all AIDS sufferers through out the world. Give us love and compassion to all who seek to assist them, through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Home Page of ACET AIDS memorial quilt - beautifully presented site

Full text of The Truth about AIDS online - by Dr Patrick Dixon

Order free copies of two AIDS books for bulk distribution in the poorest nations

World Health Organisation ACET International SITE - A Christian global movement of independent agencies seeking to show love and compassion and to save lives

The Truth about AIDS - free online book:

  • Latest AIDS statistics, AIDS information - Africa AIDS Crisis - History of AIDS - AIDS epidemic, India, Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russia, America, China
  • AIDS research - causes of AIDS - AIDS treatment - retroviruses - protease inhibitors - cure? Antiretroviral therapy for HIV
  • HIV transmission, AIDS risk factors and HIV window period
  • What is AIDS? - HIV symptoms - AIDS symtoms - symptoms early HIV infection - early signs infection
  • How reliable are condoms?  HIV dating - reducing HIV transmission
  • Life and death issues - HIV medicine
  • AIDS FAQ - vaccine, treatment, AIDS testing, Africa, China, Children, workplace discrimination, AIDS myths, origin of AIDS
  • Moral dilemmas - euthanasia and AIDS treatments
  • AIDS and the church - when church members need help
  • Community care - treatment, adults, children, orphans
  • AIDS education - AIDS awareness in youth and schools
  • HIV Prevention - needle exchange program and condom distribution
  • AIDS in Africa and HIV in Africa, HIV infected surgeons
  • Ten point AIDS management plan for governments
  • A global Christian challenge - church response to AIDS
  • Guidelines for best practice in running HIV / AIDS programmes in developing countries, plus many helpful case studies and stories (Africa / India / Asia)
  • A Christian response to AIDS - global AIDS challenge to the church (article for Tear Fund)

Dr Patrick Dixon is the author of The Truth about AIDS (Kingsway £9-99) and also founder of ACET (AIDS Care Education and Training)

(1) John 8v1-11   
(2) John 8v7   
(3) Rom 3v23   
(4) Eph 2v1
(5) John 8v11  
(6) Gen 2v24, Matt 19v5, 1 Cor 6v16
(7)Luke 15v11-31  
(8) 2 Pet 3v9
(9) WHO message for World AIDS Day 1st Dec 1991

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June 05, 2018 - 08:22

Greeting in name of our lord Jesus Christ.iam sarvent of God. Iam and my wife with HIV positive very suffering please pray for me and my family

July 21, 2016 - 11:45

Warm greetings

For the past 5 years, Our organization has played a major role,
contributing on several fronts of the global response to AIDS.AIDS is
the leading cause of mortality among women of reproductive age and has
devastating impact on the health, livelihood, and survival of women,
children, and families. The HIV epidemic has greatly affected health,
social, and economic sectors in our community and is one of the main
causes for little progress in addressing maternal health.
I am writing from Ethiopian community organization of HIV/AIDS. We
have many children,women ,adult and old people who are criticaly sick
and needs immediate help and protection.We are striving to address
their basic and health needs.Response to this crisis requires a
massive, multi-sectoral, and coordinated global effort to implement
state-of-the-art approaches, and advance social justice and human

We need you to stand with us as a partner for a better result and to
sustain the lives of these people. PLEASE,WE INVITE YOU WITH THE LOVE

If you have any question,don't hesitate to ask.

Misrak,Project director

October 31, 2013 - 03:28

I am a Cuban Doctor and am working with people who are suffering from AIDS in order to support them not only with their physical need but woth their spiritual afflictions please in the name of Jesus keep me in your daily prayings.

Jonas Fils Aime
October 17, 2012 - 14:56
What your attention for the poors churches in Hiti?

I think you have a plan

shahid naveed
February 08, 2011 - 05:03

Greetings and Blessings from Pakistan in Jesus name,
Praise the God,
By the grace of god , I am a Shahid naveed from Pakistan, by profession I was a dispenser in Hospital, I am also a DHMS Doctor , Jesus changed me by his glory and grace, Because Jesus is a spring of love and every piece of the life, Now I am a servant of god ,I have a prayer group ,we are five pastors, we do translate and run our ministery , we go door to door for visit and the share the word of lord, we have a 30 families and 100 peoples, we arrange a big prayer and healing service after every one month, by the grace of god, in any emergency problem of my Christian peoples, me and my prayer group work do forwad,as flood 2010 in Pakistan, lord used us ,and blessed us, we went there, I did work as a Doctor , and gave them free medicine to the flood affected peoples, for seven days ,and we gave them clothes and dry fruits, I humbly request you that kindly start church work with us , that’s why I want start church work and ministery work with you ,and I need your guidance and love and prayers, , we are required church affiliation with you, for encouragement in Lords work , please keep us in your prayers. May god use me in his ways more and more, And so do help in these matters, in Jesus name,
Your brothers and sister in Christ.
Pastor Shahid ,
Pastor bushra,
Pastor yaqoob,
Pastor shafique,
And prayer group, and translation team,
mobile no 92-3477871319

Pastor and Dr, Shahid naveed,
And group,
Mobile no.92-3477871319
Tel no 92-475509323,
Email address,

VEN Prof Udobata Onunwa
October 28, 2010 - 06:15
Thanks for your efforts

As I work with many postgraduates doing their projects of the efforts of the Church in the fight against AIDS/HIV Pandemic in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, I feel obliged to say 'Thanks' to those who have sacrificed much in several ways to help God's suffering people. The Preaching of the Good News of Jesus is now being made practical in several ways. More grease to your elbows and may God reward you abundantly as you help him people in need.

vEN Prof Udobata Onunwa
October 28, 2010 - 06:14
Thanks for your efforts

As I work with many postgraduates doing their projects of the efforts of the Church in the fight against AIDS/HIV Pandemic in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, I feel obliged to say 'Thanks' to those who have sacrificed much in several ways to help God's suffering people. The Preaching of the Good News of Jesus is now being made practical in several ways. More grease to your elbows and may God reward you abundantly as you help him people in need.

August 26, 2010 - 00:45
thank u

know you , you are Godly person who strat HIV/AIDs Ministry in Nepal, i many time Blessed you Hemu thomas,
you are the one of the person who give hope of life in Christ,
we are praying you always,
our Org. want to help you your ministry always,india and nepal, i will see as soon in india,

Reply to Dr,John
Hemu Thomas
October 27, 2016 - 07:46

Dear Friend’s
Greetings in the name lord Jesus Christ .
Thanks for the love & prayer support. By the grace of god we are good. God is doing miracle works in among HIV infected & affected peoples, widows & commercial sex workers. The good news is that some of these peoples came to Christ joining local churches. We want to bring all of them to Christ & we are praying for that regularly. Therefore, we need some partners to work together. here are many orphan Children infected & affected with HIV Aids . they have been rejected from their relatives & there societies. Also children of commercial sex workers. Many of them are forced to stay out of their home & now they are living as a street children. Being a Christian we are not able to share the love of god by action to them because of lack of education & resources. Now we are working as a small team . most of the team members are HIV infected peoples & commercial sex workers as they are Christian & it’s also effective to work with them because they came from that background. Now, we are in a need of resources & partners. How can we work together in hand to hand with your others? Hope for positive response from you all. Also share this with your friends , churches & prayer partners & do pray for us.
Thank you very much.
I am looking for your favorable reply

Thank you very much.
Hemu Thomas

Francis T. Forndia
July 21, 2010 - 11:12
Application for loan for PLWHA Support

Dear Friends,

We are running an HIV Program including a VCT Center under Samaritan's Purse International Relief in one of the most strategic places in this part of Liberia. The place is called Foya, Lofa County boarding Sierra Leone and Guinea West Africa. Right now, we have over a hundred and fifteen(115) positive clients that need care but no support. Could you please help?

I would most glad were you to ask for further clarifications to the above mentioned organization.

Yours Faithfully,

Field Supervisor

May 11, 2010 - 14:15
assist our ministry

for malawi hope foundation ministry we are looking same to help our proggramm hare at malawi.pst vk. phiri

Rev. Dr. T. Y. Das.
April 20, 2010 - 13:49
Good Lamp Organisation

OUR VISION: To serve the poor in needy.

OUR MISSION: Sowing the precious seed the word of God in the field
of the world.

OUR FAITH STATEMENT: There is one God and one mediator between God
and men, the man Jesus Christ.

• To make the Nation free from HIV/AIDS and STDS
• To educated the people on health issues:
• To prevent trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and women.
To conduct adult literacy programmes.
• To find out the street children at bazaars, railway stations, and bus stations and to join them in orphanages.
• To give Care& Support to the people and children of HIV/AIDS.
• To conduct Sports & Games to the youth for personality development.
• To organize medical checkup campaigns, Eye camps, Vaccination camps, and special camps of HIV/AIDS on prevention and awareness.


Good Lamp Organisation had adopted a village Veerabadrapuram Dendulur mandal with a noble cause of doing welfare activities to the poor and down trodden people of the village. The organization has also constructed a prayer hall cum community hall, which is used for the social activities of the village.

The organization has established resource center in this community hall for legal aid and health counseling so as to make them reliant.


On 14/01/2205 the organization have also participated in the relief works at Krishna district mainly at the following villages and places duly distributing the vessels, cloths and rice.

VILLAGES: Kottapalli, Thummalapalem, Malakayala lanka, and other rural areas of Machilipatnam.


- - - - - & -- - - - - -

1 COMMUNITY CARE – Care & Support for 10 people living with

2 COMMUNITY CARE- Care & Support for 25 infected children living
with HIV/AIDS.

3. COMMUNITY CARE (Home) for 35 Affected Children
Who lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS.

4. OUT REACH WORK – Prevention on HIV/AIDS/STDS.




I) The organization is having membership affiliation with Government of Indian Ministry of youth affairs & sports. Affiliation no: ELR/80, Dt. 09/05/2006.
II) The organization is having life membership in Christian Medical Association of India, New Delhi bearing No. Life A- 19978, Dt. 29/11/2005.
III) The organization is also member in the Network of “Christian HIV/AIDS National Alliance” (CANA), NewDelhi w.e.f. 12/09/2006.

IV) The organization is also working with Government of Andhra pradesh” District Water Sanitation Mission” – wide the office Lt no. T.O. Lt no 332/DWSM/ NGP/ 2006, Dt. 12/09/2006 of District Collector/ Chairman DWSL/ WGDT on Nirmal Gram Puraskar and the same is also being Continued for the year of 2008-2009.
V) The organization is also running Residential Bridge Course at kaikaram for the Dropout school children wide office orders of R.C. No.7/D6/SSA/06, Dt. 07/09/2006 of District Collector West Godavari District and Chairman SSA and the same is also being continued for the year of 2009-2010.
VI) The organization is also running ‘Adult Literacy’ programme at various places in West Godavari w.e.f 01/10/2006.

• There is no cure for HIV/AIDS victims but there is cure in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are awakening spiritual life that lost their hope .
• We share the love of Jesus Christ with the victims of HIV/AIDS individually in counseling, in the meetings & conferences and also by supplying spiritual literacy.
• Children development programmes - are being done independently in West Godavari District.
• Track distribution work is being carried through out the district.
• A film ministry is also being run through out the district.
• Pastor’s fellowship & Church plantations are being carried out.
• Bible school – literature ministry is being run.

November 30, 2008 - 20:29
thanks for the info on condoms and their ineffectiveness

Thanks for the information on condoms and their ineffectiveness. I have often wondered if they were effective, but had no statistics. Now I know the facts. If a young person wants to stay truly safe before and after marriage, provided they have not already been exposed to AIDS, they must remain pure and abstinant, as must their soon to be partner. I see there is no other way. Thanks for giving us the information to provide to our young people, in a straight forward, non-preachy way. You are truly saving lives.

September 23, 2008 - 15:21
ho wcan help us our ministry

Bringing Hope to HIV/AIDS Stand Their Families to Transform Their Lives through Love of God
Dear Sir
Greeting from Aids Link Nepal,
We need your org. help Our Ministry How can your Org. help us

AIDS link Nepal is the one of the Christian organization. This organization works among the people those who are affected by HIV/AIDS. This organization also works Preventions program, children development program, Health programmed and social activities. This organization�s Board members are 75% PLWHA. Never discriminate any religions, tribes, nationality and politics. This organization works one of the main jobs of this organization is share the Good news of salvation among the PLWHA and their family. Teaching, discipleship, Build of leadership and sending back other place where the PLWHA. Mobilizing (Neapli Churches, School Collage and community) others to be involved. This organization is registered to Government of Nepal.

Working with Families and Community in Nepal
Services offered:-

1. Hospital services to PLWHAs for CD4 count, OI treatment, PMTCT, ART,
2. Home based care services for ART follow-up, health check-ups
3. Personal and family counseling.
4. child Care
5. Networking with infected / affected people,
6. Sharing the love of Christ.
7. Mobilizing others to be involved.
8. Spreading knowledge of the virus through literature and conferences.
9. PTS care and protection Teams and IGAS income Generation activities
Contact Details:-
AIIDS Link NepalContact Person:-Hemu Thomas
GPO.8975, EPC1213 KTM Nepal Tel +977-9841789724, 01-5548786

Bishop Osagiede Godwin
August 06, 2008 - 15:44
Africa missionary seeks your support for the HIV positive in the Ivory Coast.



My dear brethren in the Aids: Christian action and Compassion

We bring you greetings from Abidjan, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The �MINISTERE PROPHETIQUE DE JESUS CHRIST DE NAZARETH COTE D�IVOIRE� is a religious, and humanitarian organisation that is dedicated to preaching the gospel of Jesus christ and also doing humanitarian services that brings hope and solutions among the abandoned people affected with the HIV virus in the remote villages of Cote d�Ivoire. We have been working in Cote d�Ivoire since March, 1998. And we are officially recognised, accredited and authorised by the Government of Cote d�Ivoire to do our Missionary and Huamitarian work in the cities and in the remote and interior villages of Cote.

In Cote d�Ivoire there are many thousands of people in the villages inffected by the HIV virus, who are very poor and have no access to the anti-retroviro drugs that could help them stay alive. Many of them died for lack of adiquate medecins. The cost of the Antiretrovial drugs fixed by the govervnment is $2 every month. But many thousands of these HIV infected people are not able to pay this amount ($2). Many are so far from the medical centers in the cities, that it could cost atleast $10, for transportation only.

Many thousand of these HIV inffected people are been discriminated against, by their parents and rejected by many the members of their society. They are discouraged and really have no where to go. Please support us in any way you can to encourage these hopeless HIV people.

Yours in the Missionary and Humanitarian services among the people that are HIV positive in Cote d�Ivoire.

Rev. Osagiede Godwin.

Our Project for the abandoned HIV infected people in the interior and remote villages.

(1). We wanted to help these thousands of abandoned HIV infected people in the interior villages pay their $2 monthly. We wanted to help atleast 50000 people every month get the Anti-Retroviro drugs and vitamines that could help them stay alive. $100.000 par month.

(2). We wanted to help these thousands of abandoned HIV infected people in the interior villages with atleast $10 every month as feeding money.

(3) We wanted to launch a sensibilisation and awareness programmes in the societies and communities that are rejecting and discriminating against these people infected with the HIV virus in the villages. Teaching them that we could love, accept and live with persons infected with the HIV virus, encouraging and supporting them in the societies and in the communities. $10.000 every year

(4)We wanted to build small houses in some of the villages to lodge some of the HIV infected people that had already be driven from their various villages as witches and wizards. Each small home will cost $2.000 in thr villages. For the moment, we wanted to start with 10 houses in 10 different villages that understand the plight of the HIV positive in the villages and sypatise with them. Total cost of the 10 houses is $20.000

(5).We wanted to buy second hand cheap clothes, shoes and sleeping materials 10 houses. And organised one or two meals a day for these HIV victims we are lodging. $25.000

(6). In other to encourage and give a new hope of living to many of these HIV infected people in the villages, we wanted organise a small miro-credit and loan scheme project. We wanted to give a small micro-credit loans $35 each to some of the HIV infected people in the villages to engaged themselves in commercial activities of buying and selling in the market places. We wanted to give this loans ro atleast 1000 HIV infected people to help them get startup in life. After 6 months or one year, this loan could be return to the appointed loan managers, so that other HIV infected people could also benefit from this small micro-credit and loan scheme

Reply to Bishop Osagiede Godwin
Patrick Dixon
August 07, 2008 - 18:25
Information about project

Thanks for the information. My company gives to AIDS work in Africa through the AIDS foundation ACET which I founded 20 years ago, but is fully committed to existing work in Nigeria, Uganda, DR Congo, Burundi, Zimbabwe and S Africa.

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