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Steroids - The Truth about Steroids - over 500,000 have read this article on Steroids health risk and dangers

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future Health Care and Pharma Keynote Speaker

Picture: National Institute of Drug Abuse

Why steroids are so powerful and so dangerous if abused

Steroids are natural substances with many different effects in the human body, which begin over several days. The primary use of steroids in health care is to reduce inflammation and many other disease symptoms, which are caused by over-reactions in the immune system. So, for example, steroid inhalers have an important role in reducing deaths from asthma, local steroid injections are useful in treating painful joints and ligaments. Steroid creams are used extensively to treat eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions. Steroids make the whole immune system less active, which can be very useful in illnesses where there is an immune component - a huge number. Steroids are the ultimate anti-inflammatory drugs.

However steroid use in medicine is limited by very serious side effects in the body as a whole. That is why steroids tend to be used sparingly in local preparations such as sprays and creams, which ensure maximum steroid dose where it is needed, and minimum levels in the blood stream.

Steroid use in medicine and health care

Steroid skin creams for example cause thinning and weakness of the skin, while steroids also cause calcium to leak out of bones so that they weaken and fracture spontaneously. Steroids also make people feel very hungry and cause blood sugar to rise. People on steroids can gain weight and often develop a typical "moon face" as well as getting diabetes.

Another serious steroid problem is that we all need aggressive immune systems to fight infections and cancers, but steroids knock that out. People on high doses of steroids for medical reasons can die from chest infections and cancers of many kinds. We see these patterns in those who receive organ transplants, who need often need huge doses of steroids to stop the body from destroying the donated tissue. Cancers often develop, which shows us how important our white cells are in keeping us cancer-free, and how often all of us develop cancer in our daily lives. Most of us may have two or three tiny cancers inside us at any time. Taking high dose steroids makes it more likely one of these will develop rapidly.

People on high dose steroids are immune-deficient in every way so that many organisms that rarely cause problems can overgrow, totally upsetting the normal balance of mircobes in the body. An example is candida yeast which can grow rapidly in the mouth causing painful thrush in those with weakened or depressed immune systems including those who are taking steroids for recreational purposes / body building etc.

Effects of steroids on brain and cancer

Steroids also affect the brain, and high doses can make people feel happy, euphoric, hyped-up, with disturbance of sleep and even serious psychiatric illness such as mania, very aggressive behavior and psychosis (delusions, pananoia, loss of touch with reality). If steroid users are also taking other drugs which affect mood or brain function, these side-effects can be far more common.

Steroids are really useful in the care of those with advanced cancer when short life expectancy from their condition means physicians are far more relaxed about long term side-effects.

Brain tumours often respond dramatically to steroids. The reason is that the brain is contained in a bony box inside the skull and pressure can build up inside the head, resulting in headaches, sickness, drowsiness and other problems. Brain scans often show that a tunour the size of a wallnut can be surrounded by a big immune reaction, with brain swelling and inflammation. Steroids reduce the additional swelling, often reversing symptoms and buying time - maybe a few weeks. The underlying cancer continues to grow and if the person finally begins to deteriorate death often follows rapidly as the steroid dose is reduced.

So steroids are really powerful, with wide ranges of actions, producing dramatic effects ranging from pain relief to mood elevation, and if it were not for the very serious side effects they would be used even more often.

The body becomes dependent on steroids and when used in health care, most physicians reduce dosage gradually, even though they may start in an acute illness with a very high dose.

Why do people abuse steroids?

So why on earth would anyone who is perfectly healthy want to take steroids? The reason is that one particular type, anabolic steroids, have another side effect which is to stimulate muscle growth. Sadly for the sports enthusiast, this effect only works well if steroid level in the body as a whole is quite high, and that guarantees problems with side effects.

Taking steroids won't increase muscle bulk without exercise but the normal response to exercise is exaggerated.

Often you will find underlying psychological reasons why people abuse steroids in muscle building. Some studies suggest up to 25% have been physically or sexually abused as children or attacked as adults and are highly motivated to make themselves powerful and resistant to future attack. Others have a body image problem similar to anorexia nervosa, so that they see a weak and feeble body in the mirror - muscle dysmorphia. In some, steroid abuse is just a part of a wider picture of risk-taking.

Anabolic and Androgenic steroids

Steroids can be divided into two types: anabolic and androgenic, but the distinction in some ways is artificial. Anabolic steroids mainly affect metabolism, immunity and muscle, while androgenic steroids have strong masculinisation effects on women and sometimes feminisation effects on men. But all anabolic steroids will increase masculine characteristics such as thick facial hair if the dose used is significant.

Steroid cycling is a regular pattern of steroid use and non-use by athletes or body builders, the aim being to get maximum action with minimum side-effects, often by using a wide variety of different steroid preparations at the same time (stacking), and perhaps to avoid detection by timing non-use to coincide with major competitions where steroids testing may be imposed.

Some steroid abuses use pyramidding - starting with low doses and building up over days or weeks to a peak dose and then tailing off.

Anabolic steroid side effects

Typical problems you will find in people who abuse anabolic steroids include liver tumors and cancer, jaundice (yellow skin from liver failure), retention of fluid, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes, increases in LDL (dangerous form of cholesterol), kidney cancer, acne and trembling.

Men may find their testes shrink, sperm count falls with increase of infertility, their hair falls out, breasts start to develop, and prostate cancer becomes more likely. More than half of body-builder sterod abusers will typically experience enlarged breasts and shrunken male organs.

Women can start looking like men: growing beards, going bald, voice breaking - while their menstrual cycle changes or stops, and the clitoris enlarges.

Steroid abuse is particularly risky for teenagers, because it forces the body rapidly to adulthood, bones stop growing - permanently - and they reach puberty early.

Adolescents--growth halted prematurely through premature skeletal maturation and accelerated puberty changes.

And of course, steroid injecting carries all the other risks associated with other injecting drug use, such as infection with HIV, and hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

How many people abuse steroids?

Some surveys suggest that 2.5% of high school pupils in the US will have taken illegal steroids at some time. This is particularly worrying considering the very high risks of steroid abuse in those under the age of 18.

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July 24, 2019 - 02:58

I lived in Southern California all through the 90’s
when bodybuilding was at its peak.
I’ve competed for two decades and been trainer had my own business in fitness the whole bit
Trained with and knew many of the big name professionals.
But even to this day seeing the average person juicing. I use to think it’s every persons choice and if you want to deal with the side effects it up to you. I can say this though after 30 years in the industry it’s absolutely not with it. You come out way worse after. It took me a long time to see it.
Many of my friends from back then are dealing with life long side effects and looks terrible some are dead. Some have continued taking them and yes they look ok but believe me they are physically sick in so many ways.
To me that’s the least of my concern.
Looking back almost all relationships have been severely impacted. The mental and emotional toll are severe. Steroids don’t just affect the user it affects everyone around.
I’ve taken a strong stance against it.
I’ve heard every excuse there is I use to believe them myself.
But you can’t convince anyone that has set their mind to do them. It’s useless.
It’s unfortunate most have to learn the hard way.

September 24, 2018 - 13:32

Hey guys I'mI'm a university student from Zimbabwe and I'm writing an article about use of anabolic steroids in general...may anyone interested in conversing with me on this issue send me a WhatsApp message on +263783298592.I would really appreciate if someone who has used the or knows someone who uses them or even a doctor please assist as this is part of my school project thank you

July 27, 2017 - 19:11

steroids are pure shite full stop

March 22, 2017 - 02:06

Hi all,

I am a hep. B carrier. I am very concern about my overall health.
Is taking Test E steriod safe for me?


shrikant sharma
September 06, 2015 - 06:50

i m 25year and i use steroid decaduraboline not for long time but for lil bit time it gives me good body but aftr leaving steroid there was n lots of problem with liver problem sex problem even now i cant do gym even i cant get muscularity from tommoroww i start running i think running makes me perfect but i m getting dipreessed from my body because i cant get my body back i want to make perfect physic but i cant any solution then pls tell me please its a humble request

Reply to shrikant sharma
March 12, 2016 - 13:33

To take steroids for cosmetic purpose is just not right. You will have serious problems if taken in high doses or any doses at all. The article referenced above highlights a few of the awful side effects. My husband became a monster. Going through manic phases or rages. He never laid a hand on me, but he could not control his anger. Breaking doors and throwing things became the norm. Excerising and eating the right foods can have the same out comes with minimal side effects. I hope who ever is reading this article will think twice about steroid use. One last thing, my husband has incurred some health issues due to the high doses of steroids including a heart attack, sexual dysfunction , and a recent tumor between the brain and spine along with high blood pressure and hair loss. Is this all worth a few muscles popping up here and there? You decide that option is truly yours.

Reply to shrikant sharma
Tushar negi
August 12, 2019 - 15:16

Bro iam also going through same problem

isaiah donner
May 11, 2015 - 16:44

how are steroids good for you

Reply to isaiah donner
November 02, 2015 - 03:45

Steroids are like other drugs, if you abuse them they're bad but if done responsibly they can work well with no ill affects.

Though it's true you lose some once you stop, it won't be much if you continue to eat correctly and workout hard. You just get there quicker using and for me that's a necessity because 4 months out of a year I am sick and I need to get stronger quicker to have a better quality of life.

Unless you are huge like a pro bb and take crazy doses, eat 5-6 high caloric/protein meals a day and supplements and lift crazy weight like them and then discontinue the cycle/meals/weights you will definitely see a massive decrease in size.

I use them because I have medical issues since birth that make me sick and lose weight. And when I need to gain back my muscle mass after a hospitalization to make me feel better/stronger the orals do the trick. I've been on/off them for years and my liver/cholesterol values are normal and even though they need to breakdown in the liver I have never had an increase in AST/ALT. I hear that injecting is better than orals because of the liver and test levels but if you don't abuse them(extreme high doses for long periods of time) and drink plenty of water there will not be any damage done. I am 1 of many who will say the same. But injecting is better as far as sustaining higher/even levels of test in your blood stream and because orals have to pass through the liver twice before the body is able to use.

Reply to isaiah donner
November 02, 2015 - 05:03

How are steroids good for you?

They'll make you hungry if you have a bad appetite and can't gain weight, so it's good if you are not eating enough.

They'll make you stronger if you lift weights, so it's good if you are weak.(but must workout w/out steroids first, then when you peaked and want to lift more then start a cycle)

They'll increase your endurance if you have none/little.

Now the medical, if you have HIV/AIDS this will keep you from muscle wasting away.

If you have severe burns it will help with healing

It will increase your red blood cells if you are anemic.

If you want to feel stronger and feel better it will help over all so long as you don't take too high of a does for too long. If steroids were a health crysis it would be on the news everyday of someone dying or getting sick because of roids siince millions of people around the world are or have taken.

People get heart attacks and don't take roids, people have diabetes and never have taken roids, people have messed up livers and never even said the word roids. people kill others everyday and never taken roids, so don't believe the bs about roids, bad thing happen to people everyday w/out the use of roids.

Alcohol and smoking should be banned if roids are. Roids promote good living because you need to workout to see results with.

bsf labs
April 23, 2015 - 14:07

I just want to inform those people who said steroids are not good for health and it’s stop your growing height and it’s increases inflammation and swelling please read some blogs on web and kindly don’t spread wrong information. It is theoretically approved that Steroids decrease inflammation and swelling and nothing have any relation with height but it’s increase height furthermore; if you use standard quality products and use it in a intelligent way they have no side effects and you will not face any pain in future.

Reply to bsf labs
June 11, 2015 - 04:37

Hi! My name is Bart and I read your reply and totally agree with you. May I please ask who BSF Labs are. I am working as an Assistant Physician and Public Patient to help with understanding of Low Dose Steroid use and curing Hormone support and Metabolic support. You are so correct about Steroids decreasing inflammation and swelling. I would like to know if you have some good Standard Quality Products I may me interested in. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you. Bart.

Reply to bsf labs
November 05, 2015 - 23:18

That's truth. I agree! My husband was in military lost both of his legs 20 something years ago. He have inflammations in his hand super legs above knee and his Dr, give him Steroids for inflammation and it sure did help him pain is gone. He only took 2pills for 3 days. That's it!!

rhonda hammond
March 18, 2015 - 03:41


January 08, 2015 - 21:15

I am 48 years old, and I'm 25 years already using anabolic steroids, the article is well clear that are talking about the ABUSE, of it.. But let me to tell you that if you use it in a intelligent way they are just fantastic.. The problem is that there are too much disinformation scaring and misunderstanding about it... I will tell you just a little pic of it, never use the orals they are too dangerous, I never use more than 300 mg a week, rarely use that much and my normal use is 100 mg a week... Some times i stop for some month is very important the use of hepatoprotector while on it....  

Reply to Mark
February 18, 2015 - 23:17

Mark, what is hepatoprotector?

Reply to Mark
October 26, 2015 - 20:01

I agree completely why wouldnt you use it, helps recovery , energy , reduces pain if you dont abuse it, its great. I hate the fact its put in the same league as hard drugs. I hate the fact you can drink sit at a bar get drunk drive home kill someone and its legal and steroids does none of that.

Reply to Mark
February 02, 2017 - 14:41

Hello,i am also 43 years old and after i do it one ciklus now i have problem with libido,if i decide to take to all my life steroids,can you tell me what kind i need to take,propionate,enanthate or which.. thank you

October 30, 2014 - 20:54

Streiods can increased my height 6-8 inches, now I'm 24 years old male,from Bangladesha.

Reply to Minhaz
November 13, 2014 - 17:43

Minhaz bhai please tell me, which steroids increase your height? please please please tell me height gain steroids name.

Reply to Minhaz
December 07, 2014 - 19:00

Hi sir I'm 23 year old 159cm I want to increase my height guide me wt I need to use for gaining some more inches plz do reply me don't neglect it

Reply to Minhaz
February 05, 2015 - 09:40

Minhaz bhai plz tell me how i m begging to u..i m feel very ashamed of my height plz tell hw to increase...
Plz bhai plzzz help me....

Reply to Minhaz
October 04, 2015 - 03:18

Which streiods u usee

August 16, 2014 - 04:40

I have a weird question. .. if you're sleeping with a guy using steroids can his sperm cause you to start getting acne when you haven't had acne? The steroids Are causing his skin to break out in zits and now mine is too?

Reply to jamie
December 16, 2014 - 07:08

I used to take steroids and had bad acne on my back. My girlfriend also got bad acne too. We were told it could not be connected but when I stopped our acne cleared up. She also took accurate for 6 months though

Reply to jamie
December 20, 2014 - 19:46

Thank you very much. It helps to have an idea of why it's going on. I appreciate your feedback!

Reply to jamie
September 19, 2015 - 19:06

If he is using a topical testosterone cream which is rubbed on the shoulder it will absorb into your body if you are in contact with it. You better ask him if he is using testosterone in a skin cream form.

john wayne
January 08, 2014 - 06:25

I'am at the age of fifty and I'am thinking on doing steroids for the first time, I have been lifting and working out for about thirty years now I would like to get some size back and this will be the first time I have tried steroids. so there are so many different names out there. so my question is what do I order for the first time around. and how often do I take them and what quantities do I take them.

Reply to john wayne
October 03, 2014 - 06:01

Look do yourself a favor and your family. DON'T TAKE STEROIDS. My husband took steroids for some time . Here are some things that NO ONE tells you. My husband is now 49 he took steroids for a couple of years besides the rages and constantly looking to argue and fight with me and everyone else because his testostorome levels were so high while on steroids when you stop taking them your body stops producing its own natural testostome all together . Now he has to make visits to an endocronologyst to get testostorome injections so his testostorome can be at a normal level when he stopped taking steroids he entered what the doctor called male menopause . Yea and guess what forget what woman are like during menopause men are worse because a woman hormones drop over many years and the body can adjust so while a female is the from hell for a few years a man is triple a from hell for the rest of your life because the steroids are stopped abruptly . You either thane them or you don't. So yea here you have a big muscular guy who bitches all the time , cries over everything and is just an emotional mess. Makes us women look great. Plus yea once you stop taking steroids within a year you develop boobs and celulite all over . Nothing like having celulite around your man boobs and on your back and sides. Plus you get a grouth on your pituitary gland. Oh yea . And your personality changes forever . Your weener shrinks too besides your testies and viagra wont be able to help you. You get extremely high blood preasure so you wont be able to take viagra unless you want to die. These are the things guys on steroids don't tell you cause the have no idea they are on steroids and all is well for now while they are on steroids. But the day comes for all guys on steroids when you have to get off or you die from them and then you will realize that you had a better body before you got on steroids and had you not taken them you would still look good . Ok maybe not as big in size but good . And you realize that had you not taken the steroids you would not have turned into a fat blubber with cellulite and turned into worse than a woman.

Reply to john wayne
wayne cox
December 19, 2014 - 19:10

I would suggest it if u do it rite im a user and watching ur diet is key high protein low fats and excercise 5 days a week get milk thistle for sure take daily vitamin and drink mass amount of water theese are most important i would look into dr apt and get levels tested but if ur geting on ur own be leary of websites try and get frm pharmacy its best get any test or ethinate. Dnt overuse plus get estrogen block ull be ight plus ur sex drive will be great od luck

Reply to john wayne
The God
January 11, 2015 - 20:33

Ignore matilda , just use 500 mg of test e for 8 weeks and 2 weeks after last pin start your pct with clomid for 4 weeks at 50 mg a day :D

Reply to john wayne
Mutant Nation
February 18, 2015 - 08:34

Yeah.. Everything that Matilda said is complete bullshit. I would recommend starting off with just testosterone your first time. Maybe get some sustanon. And start off with 300-600mg a week.

Reply to john wayne
March 04, 2015 - 17:22

get a life

abul bashar
May 12, 2013 - 10:05

I am from Bangladesh. I have been using steroid medicine since last 8 year long. I felt some difficulty but it's very simple than cure up from myopathy.

abul bashar
May 12, 2013 - 10:03

I am from Bangladesh. I have been using steroid medicine since last 8 year long. I felt some difficulty but it's very simple than cure up from myopathy.

April 26, 2013 - 15:47

Are their any recommended sites online to buy these? I dont know where to start, a doctor of some kind maybe? I have dropped about 40lbs and I lost a lot of muscle in the process.

Do you research
April 07, 2013 - 21:46

This person has no idea of what they are writing about. Just another in the mob-like attack on something they do not understand. Do some research before you collect a paycheck. Steroid pyramiding hasn't been done since the early eighties, most people are not sick in the head as this would have you believe, but are simply attempting to further a career(due to pressures of society to have to be perfect to be allowed to train the average person or model clothes or fucking anything related), and it is nowhere as near as dangerous as this suggests as long as the user is educated and cautious. The people that fuck themselves up are the idiots that don't know anything and choose to remain ignorant while thinking they have found some magic potion for aesthetic perfection. This "expert" is just taking money to further a false stigma because they are one of the willingly ignorant jackasses I mentioned above. It is people like this that make the free speach rights-among others-of our country seem not as great as they were prior to reading this...

sweet evil
March 30, 2013 - 06:34

hi i am 24 and i took steroids 6-7 years ago i wish my doctor had told me directly intead of telling my parent what will happen and how much i ll gain weight i wouldnt have took that medican. i tried to loss weight by doing lost of things like execise even weight lifting and dieting even i tired to take stuff that i am allergic to keep my stomach disturbed so that i avoid gaining more weight but that hurts alot i am so disappointed that i am double the weight i was before i dont know what to do anymore..

March 15, 2013 - 02:46

Help I have a friend who is a gym goer Im not sure of his quantity or how long he has been taking steroids, but stopped recently because he had really bad neck pain. No dr or scan, ultrasound etc showed anything. Put on huge pain killer amounts didnt help alot but felt after about six weeks some relief. Until today when he thinks a prior knee issue has flared up. If this a result of steroid abuse how long before it heals? Im pretty sure he wont touch them again. He can handle all over aches and pains but these last two injuries have had him off work.

Reply to Mandy
October 04, 2013 - 15:32

Just read through this thread, good for a laugh. Why do people get so wound up about steroid use? Sorry people but the sports men and woman you support are using it. Those teams are often sponsored by tobacco and alcohol companies. I can go buy smokes and alcohol from any shop. What kills/does more harm?

We all know the answer. LOL irony defined?

January 29, 2013 - 13:53

I've used steroids on & off for 19 years, had full bloodwork come back as perfect, ECG & blood pressure, & cholesterol also perfect ( doctors words) I also like the party seen & a drink now & then. Got 2 beautifully kids life good! Get knowledge u can do small dosages all your life ( same as going on male hormone replacement)I'm nearly 38 years old. Been off gear for 9 months now but will defo go back on soon ( few injurys to get over first). If u do decide to use get knowledge first, most side effects can be eradicated! The 1 negative fact a cardiologist will tell u is long term can enlarge heart & cause heart attack. If u have heart disease in your family then stay away long term! Anyone healthy should not occure any problems, just get regular bloods & even pay privately to get heart scans done! Smoking, excess drinking & shit fast food diet is much worse than a low dosing body builders fact!!!

Reply to Bucks
May 24, 2013 - 05:58

Well your one of the lucky ones and did your research but there's just no reason to take that risk. Why risk your health for some pointless extra muscle.

January 15, 2013 - 22:19





Reply to Bane
Patrick Dixon
January 16, 2013 - 09:20

Well corticosteroids are a form of steroids. The term steroids in general use is a generic one, and in the context of this article we are of course talking mainly about anabolic steroids, used to enhance physical performance.

Reply to Bane
January 19, 2015 - 00:35

You're right, he/she doesn't know the difference between CORTICOsteroids and ANABOLIC steroids. I'm asthmatic and CORTICOsteroids have been lifesavers for me. All of my family members who have had cancer have used CORTICOsteroids, and they have helped. My mum who has the rare condition 'eosinophilic bronchitis' has had more than a few courses of CORTICOsteroids and they have been brilliant.

Fine, his information about ANABOLIC steroids is correct but what pisses me off is that he either doesn't know, or can't be bothered making, the distinction between these two.

So yeah, I agree. Take EVERYTHING this man says about EVERYTHING with a large bucketful of salt.

Reply to Bane
May 02, 2016 - 11:23

Yes, this doc is a real nut case as most are.... I have been taking steroids for over 20 years I'm 39 still I still look and feel 21 perfect health.. You want to beat up steroids what about all the shit y'all doc stuff down down peoples throat (pain killers) I mean what the hell get your facts straight doc thanks for sharing your false info with everyone that's why steroids have the name they have today is because dumbasses like you topical doc...

December 20, 2012 - 17:27

good job

Eddie Avila
November 24, 2012 - 22:25

Everything on this article is true and extremely manipulated, which makes the whole article "garbage". Lying with the truth to get your point across, when people are actually looking for unbiased information is wrong.

Reply to Eddie Avila
Patrick Dixon
November 24, 2012 - 23:23

So then - what do you think the article SHOULD say? Delighted for you to enter the debate by posting a long entry or several, using this form.

November 12, 2012 - 03:21

i'm addicted of bodybilding but not improve in my body without steroids,i'm not plz tell me sir will be effects on my sex in future.sir what i do...

Reply to harry
Patrick Dixon
November 12, 2012 - 09:11

Well long term use of anabolic steroids for body building carries many risks. They include risks of raised cholesterol, liver damage, heart damage, atrophy of testicles, and also psychological effects, making some people very aggressive for example.

November 11, 2012 - 18:38

I work for a pain management Doc. He injects with steriods as often as he possibly can. I am worried about how much and how often this is done. This worries me, as with our EMR system it doesn't log correctly or calculate the steroids injected for each patient. We need to better track this and I don't think he is really interested....maybe this is all in my head but it concerns me. Drug interactions are not being fact, he said it was the problem of the other doctors to gave them the conflicting drugs. Geeeez

Reply to Mickie
Patrick Dixon
November 12, 2012 - 09:06

Well steroid injections can be a very important part of pain management, where the injection is directly into the damaged area of tendon or joint area etc. The dose needed is much smaller than if taken by mouth because it is concentrated just where needed so the side effects are usually less. But it is important for every dose of medication prescribed for and administered to every patient to be properly recorded in the patient's notes, and all drugs issued to a clinician's stores should also be accounted for on issuing and on usage.

janet ustaski
November 10, 2012 - 17:34

Hello my name is janet and my boyfriend uses steroids and does not exercise and smokes 3 packs of cigs a day and drinks beer from 7 in the morning till 1 in the morning and takes perscription drugs..I know this is bad he is going to die

Reply to janet ustaski
Patrick Dixon
November 10, 2012 - 18:56

Well he sounds like he is taking huge health risks - maybe more from alcohol than anything else...Does he realise he needs help?

August 11, 2012 - 15:43
Muscle Mass

Is it possible that someone could have put steroids into my food or drink? We are talking late 1960s here. A very, very jealous and disturbed girl who hated me for my looks taunted me mercilessly about my upper body... she even said this to me once (suggestively): "I wonder how you got those big muscles...your sisters don't have them." This girl was a psychopath, I realize that now. But...can someone tell me if it was possible for her to have gotten steroids into me without my knowing it?

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Patrick Dixon
November 10, 2012 - 19:14

No she could not have messed with your body with steroids without you realising - steroids have to be taken for quite a while to have an effect which wears off gradually after stopping (weeks not yearss).

Reply to Barb
June 04, 2016 - 11:40

It's not a one time thing Barb that someone can slip into your food, but needs to be added regularly for quite some time.. So no.. There's no way..

Irfan Gillani
July 07, 2012 - 20:09

Hye Guys ..... i m very upset about my body. i m 20 years old and my height is 6 f't cause of that my body look alike a heighted girl plz tell me some "tablets name of steroids" those are beneficial for my body and my health....whatever i eat i do not become healthy but my tommy becomes fatty ....plz someone help me m tired of this body.......

March 12, 2012 - 06:22

there has not been one proven case that steroids causes all these side effects or deaths, every single athelete or person who has commited suice etc, was on anti depressants n other drugs, also steroids have been proven in other countries that it will actually raise ur intellectuality, muscle size, strenght, and bone mass, i dont know how steroids, can affect ur sex drive, or make you give u bone disorders, if your injecting male hormones into ur body, the fda is very very corrupted and will do whatever it takes to keep poepl on medication all the time, n if one shoots steroids once every 2 months people will be extremely healthy, do ur reaserch outside of the fda, u will read alot of opposittes

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May 12, 2012 - 17:12
Re: lol

agree 100%

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July 10, 2012 - 16:30
Re: lol

Agreed. How can they have all the facts on a drug that has never truly been studied, and definitely not for the long term. The only legit studies that have been done seem to prove all side effects are mostly temporary and go away after discontinuing use. This is some bullshit big pharma FDA or Utah supplements propaghanda. I hope whoever wrote this article gets MS then we'll see how bad steroids are. Ever stop to wonder if steroids got a bad rap because god forbid they actually work, thus negating all other supplemental products that do Fuck alls. Bad for big business .supplements are a multi billion dollar industry. The majority of which is dedicated to the ninty pound weakling looking to bulk up. Think about it. Wanna know the "truth about steriods?" help get it taken off the list of illegubstances so it can be tested and studied.

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Jim T
July 25, 2012 - 07:20

DON'T LISTEN TO THIS MAN. He is without a doubt 100% full of shit. I took anabolic steroids for 4 years and was very careful but still developed diastolic dysfunction, which is when the left ventricle of your heart relaxes and fills with blood periodically eventually causing an uneven rhythm in your heart.

It all started when I got up one morning and had a throbbing headache. I went to the bathroom to urinate and blacked out and the next thing I remember was my wife and two sons standing over me in the hospital bed. I had suffered a serious heart attack. Turns out my years of taking excess testosterone took a toll on my heart, kidney's and veinous system which I now pay the price by taking 4 different types of medication a day. I can no longer go biking with my family like I use to be able to and it tires me to even climb a 10 foot flight of stairs.

I'm not saying this WILL happen to you but there is always a chance. The bottom line is it is not worth it! Your heart requires cardio exercise and doesn't need to be injected with excess testosterone because it makes enough for itself as it is. Is it really worth it, to have huge muscles to put yourself at risk for developing disorders like me?

I have read a lot of peoples arguments on here saying it improves their quality of life, they are more confident, etc. This is all a bunch of nonsense! It is your mental health that requires a tune up and not your body, that is unless of course you get no exercise whatsoever. You are still the same person in your head and this is all a charade. And now your body is potentially a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. It may not be tomorrow but you might be 35, 40, 45, whatever, it is too risky. I was 39 when it happened and regret it every day.

PS- The FDA is not lying to you, this man is a conspiracist nutjob! There is a reason it is a controlled substance believe you me. The government doesn't just make drugs illegal to piss people off they are doing it in your best interest whether you believe it or not.

Jim T

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July 30, 2012 - 18:46
Re: lol

jorge. Your steroid use appears to have affected your ability to use English. Your spelling and grammar are terrible. I think you need to stop using them before you can no longer speak.

March 02, 2012 - 23:32
Re: Doctors Are Killing Patients With Steroids

My mother is nearly dying from a doctor prescribing her steroids. He is an Oncologist. He left her stranded on the drug. I had to speak to someone who as weined off the steroid and do the same for her. She is having (Permanent) side effects that the doctors do not inform the patients about. These will kill you during chemo. There are non steroid.. anti inflammatory drugs the doctors can prescribe instead. I am just on here to warn you to stick up for your body and organs. Because you can't over come the permanent damage of side effects. The same steroids killed a womans son. Its a deadly drug.

They doctors get kick backs for prescribing it. Stand up for your rights and your families rights. Tell them you want no more steroids and only non steroid nonflammatory drugs. Also.. make sure its in your chart and be sure to include it on a signed paper for your chart. The doctors are over prescribing and trying to scare patients and families into this trap. Boswillia Serrata .. Organic and Tumeric Organic shrinks brain tumors. Both reduce inflammation naturally.

Reply to Leah
April 22, 2012 - 23:48
Re: Re: Doctors Are Killing Patients With Steroids

I'm very sorry to hear about your mother and I hope she gets better. However I would just like you to know that what your refering to is corticosteroids. Anabolic steroids are entirely different from corticosteroids. Corticosteroids can indeed have some nasty side effects. Anabolic steroids however if taken at reasonable doses and takin with the proper estrogen and DHT blockers can yield absolutely no side effects. When you come off you can take something called a PCT (Post Cycle Treatment) which will help your body rebalance and produce its natural hormones again. Now if you top that off with a doctor monitoring you... you can be assured both mentally and physically that you are side effect free. And you will be a lot healthier and feel a lot younger. Steroids are no worse than half of the dangerous drugs the doctors prescribe you constantly that doesnt get to the root of the problem.. and ultimately causes more problems.

February 21, 2012 - 09:57
image?consider your health

thanx to Patrick know some people have everything they have ever dreamt of but they are not healthy like. us and we are we don't appreciate that....God!we should love ourselves first .

February 01, 2012 - 13:09
how steroids work in the body system

can u see a change in body building within a month when using steroids ad what kind on steroids is more safer,pills or injection

November 04, 2011 - 14:29
steroids and height

does steroid use increase height?

Reply to max
September 06, 2012 - 23:57
Re: steroids and height actually says in the study that it stops bone growth.

hairy butt
October 09, 2011 - 04:13


September 20, 2011 - 21:59
really improved my life

Steroids really improve my quality of life. Whenever I take steroids, my physical AND MENTAL focus go through the roof. My confidence rises, my sex drive increases, and I feel almost bulletproof. To be honest, I am a much more capable person with steroids than without them.

Through my use of steroids of the years, I have noticed that people pay much more attention to me in positive regard - with job offers, physical attraction of others, sporting events, community events, and offers of friendship in general. The media is always hammering away at steroids so negatively that no one ever thinks about the positive aspects that can be gained through their use. Before I started using steroids I never had much drive in doing things and I was always the shy, timid guy. Steroids gave me the focus and drive I needed.

Don't abuse them and take proper precautions with regard to dosing and possible side effects. Everyone is different and there are many different types of steroids out there. Good luck friends!

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April 30, 2012 - 21:17
Re: really improved my life

I have been using 4 5 years with out coming off Cykle once I used to have the Same effects as u now I gr the adverse effect and how much damage do unfink Iive dun

Reply to Steve
September 21, 2012 - 16:48
Re: really improved my life


Reply to Steve
May 07, 2013 - 23:11

Steve this is how my husband started with exactly the same responses you are writin about. This increased the bullet proof feeling you describe is an nrealistic view of life. I don t know your personal circumstances but my husband became self absorbed isolated and detached from his life. Selfish is a very mild way I can describe his attitude towards his responsibilities and the people who should of been important to him. We have been together 15 years and yeah he wasn't. Perfect who is but was always a devoted family man and husband. Outsid of you are others this may be your response from the drug but. Bet that's not how your significant others see it seeing as they are n the receiving end. Your behaviour of you puttin yourself first over everything an everyone. These are the first effects which leans to wanting more an more which leads to abuse and addiction which destroys lives and not just yours! It hurts people. And it's a false case of who you are and masks the problem of why you need to feel that way. Try asking others If your an improved individual they are coping with your isolation and attitude and take from e it's heart breaking to watch someone do that to themselves and to b treat like our 2nd class to you. It turns you into a weirdo period.

Saloni jain
July 06, 2011 - 20:43
Side-effects of steroid

I am12 years old and i used to take steroid since when i was 6 years old.Does it can cause any side effects on my body?

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January 31, 2012 - 16:07
Re: Side-effects of steroid

you probably stunted your growth and have a tiny penis

eva carmichael
March 18, 2011 - 00:04

i have been having some problems with an underactive thyroid which has caused it to grow into a goiter in larged thyroid glad which is causeing loads of problems like pressure on my thick it beening swollen out and not bee able to sleep well due to goiter pressing on my windpipe i was at hospital today and have told they may have to start giving me steroids by month wht ever tht means but seeing all this has scred me alot and frackly puttin me right off but i need to do something i,ve only just turned 30

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July 06, 2011 - 14:41
Re: steroids

steriods that your doctor gives you are medically tested and have no side effect and if they do they will inform you about them and if they dont then you can sue for bg money.

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March 08, 2012 - 01:41
Re: steroids

Please go see a Endocrin Specialist. I had many of your same problems and many test, and it was thyroid Cancer Stage 2. I survived because I did not let it go, I knew it was more than anxiety, or swollen glads, and not allergy related. MY thyroid test came back negative that I was ok, and Yes I had thyroid cancer. All test are not accurate , atleast it was not in my condition... After my thyroid and cancer was removed I took steroids to help get my immune system back and my energy level. I may never be the same, but with a very good Dr who listen and took extra measures I am able to live a fairly good quality of life. We all have different conditions, and what may work for me may not for you but continue to go to whatever dr you need until you feel comfortable. My tumor was pressing against my esophogus, and a week later the surgeon said I would have choked to death. My wish is not to scare you, I just want to prevent you from going through what i had to, if someone would have just listen to my complaints in the beginning....My immune system and energy level would be much better than taking artifical medications to keep me going. Best wishes and prayers to you...

February 05, 2011 - 11:47



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February 21, 2012 - 15:29

learn your grammar and turn off caps lock then ill listen

Reply to Sailey
March 07, 2012 - 04:04

but you don't know the difference between no and know. lol

nelson goins
January 31, 2011 - 19:02
my use of steroids

i have been using steroids for 2 years now and have seen massive improvements. although i have extreme rage all the time and my acne increased i do not regret taking them. :)

Reply to nelson goins
June 04, 2012 - 08:31
Re: my use of steroids

i had taken weight gain steriods for about 4 months regualarly. but now iam suffering from stomach pain and nausea and vommiting problems. so i reccommends not to use these bloody drugs , they can kill and damage your life.

your mom
January 19, 2011 - 17:04


December 06, 2010 - 15:00

Steroids are good for the soul.

November 22, 2010 - 18:44

steroids are bad

November 12, 2010 - 17:39


Reply to VERNICE
January 25, 2012 - 10:51

No one will ever take you seriously if you type in CAPS LOCK ALL THE TIME. Stop shouting at us!

Reply to VERNICE
April 23, 2012 - 00:05

Hi. Steroids when takin without full knowledge of hormones can indeed cause some nasty side effects. The worst steroids are the ones you take orally. Oral steroids have to by pass the liver and are toxic to the liver. Steroids can also cause an increase in estrogen which if not accompanied by an anti estrogen can cause gyno. Steroids also can cause balding while your on and will cause your natural testosterone to shut down. All of the above side effects are completely reversible when you come off. And can even be prevented when takin with other drugs that stop these side effects. Hep-C and your husbands bone disorder have nothing to do with steroids. In fact these two things can be helped by anabolic steroids. As far as cholesterol levels.. certain steroids mostly the oral ones can cause cholesterol levels to change. However if you diet properly while you are on these certain steroids you should not have the issue occur. I'm sorry to hear about your husband and I hope he gets better. There is nothing wrong with your husband that is caused by steroids. If he insists on continuing to take his steroids advise him to do more research on it.. and balance out his diet. Also ask for him to get blood tests regularly around the times he is taking them. If he is taking oral steroids than advice that he does not drink! because drinking can increase the toxicity done to his liver. I would also hope that he talks to his doctor about his usage as this will atleast allow his doctor to further monitor him. Good luck.

September 30, 2010 - 03:28

Hi can anyone tell me if it is dangerous to take roids and not exercise. I have a friend that has been taking them for about 2 months and does not do any physical activity. Does the drug need to be worked out of the system ?

Reply to Kp
January 26, 2011 - 17:38

Yes it dose need to be worked out of the system

rhod ybanez
August 29, 2010 - 03:03
use steroid with care

The negative side effect is to be evaluated prior administration of drug (steroid), and in like manner with the correct supervision of medical Dr. Specialist. But I refuse or gross disagreement on the commercial statement that self medication is prohibited. On my part I use to study/learn the medical book and other source of info, on subject most needed for health care and most important is nutrition or body nutrients. A complete mineral and vitamins for human diet nothing illness to come in the human body. Now I know what western drug be prescribed to different illness for shelf medication. Now I am 72 years old still in a prime health, but prior at age 60 only to find out from my research gathered from different medical journals and others, that eating eggs, full crame milk, red meat, vegetable, are the human foods with complete nutrients. Thus, I follow religiously. If I need laboratory test that is the time I go to, to any DR. that can make a referral for laboratory testing. But I do not follow to buy all the drugs prescribed, but only I believed necessary to cure my Illness per blood test result . And by that I completely healed .
I am in duty to learn medicine because Medical Dr. in our place prescribed the most expensive drug when it can be healed by not expensive drugs. The basic example to mention drug for rhinitis allergy a simple Claritin, celestamine or prednisone steroid derivative whichever available, I am enough to be healed for 1 or 2 tablets (good to a night or 2 sleep), but DR. so many kinds, so prescribed the most expensive that cost you thousands of US dollar if you buy all. Also for arthritis so much pain reliever to prescribe when the clocosamine with chondroitine are the appropriate supplement to ease from recurrent ( I use this supplement since 5 years already, Dr may be know it but do not like to prescribe).
I started self medication since 2000, and do not believe that cholesterol is the cause of death of heart block. If all of us learn to know the important of nutrients, there will no more be groaning because of too much high in cost of medicine because illness can be minimised except on God’s well.

August 28, 2010 - 09:24
To use Steroid with correct quantity knowledge

The negative side effect is to be evaluated prior administration of drug (steroid), and in like manner with the correct supervision of medical Dr. Specialist. But I refuse or gross disagreement on the commercial statement that self medication is prohibited. On my part I use to study/learn the medical book and other source of info, on subject most needed for health care and most important is nutrition or body nutrients. A complete mineral and vitamins for human diet nothing illness to come in the human body. Now I know what western drug be prescribed to different illness for shelf medication. Now I am 72 years old still in a prime health, but prior at age 60 only to find out from my research gathered from different medical journals and others, that eating eggs, full crame milk, red meat, vegetable, are the human foods with complete nutrients. Thus, I follow religiously. If I need laboratory test that is the time I go to, to any DR. that can make a referral for laboratory testing. But I do not follow to buy all the drugs prescribed, but only I believed necessary to cure my Illness per blood test result . And by that I completely healed .
I am in duty to learn medicine because Medical Dr. in our place prescribed the most expensive drug when it can be healed by not expensive drugs. The basic example to mention drug for rhinitis allergy a simple Claritin, celestamine or prednisone steroid derivative whichever available, I am enough to be healed for 1 or 2 tablets (good to a night or 2 sleep), but DR. so many kinds, so prescribed the most expensive that cost you thousands of US dollar if you buy all. Also for arthritis so much pain reliever to prescribe when the clocosamine with chondroitine are the appropriate supplement to ease from recurrent ( I use this supplement since 5 years already, Dr does not know this).
I started self medication since 2000, and do not believe that cholesterol is the cause of death of heart block. If all of us learn to know the important of nutrients, there will no more be groaning because of too much high in cost of medicine because illness can be minimised except on God’s well.

August 28, 2010 - 08:09
To use Steroid with correct quantity knowledge

The negative side effect is to be evaluated prior administration of drug (steroid), and in like manner with the correct supervision of medical Dr. Specialist. But I refuse or gross disagreement on the commercial statement that self medication is prohibited. On my part I use to study/learn the medical book and other source of info, on subject most needed for health care and most important is nutrition or body nutrients. A complete mineral and vitamins for human diet nothing illness to come in the human body. Now I know what western drug be prescribed to different illness for shelf medication. Now I am 72 years old still in a prime health, but prior at age 60 only to find out from my research gathered from different medical journals and others, that eating eggs, full crame milk, red meat, vegetable, are the human foods with complete nutrients. Thus, I follow religiously. If I need laboratory test that is the time I go to, to any DR. that can make a referral for laboratory testing. But I do not follow to buy all the drugs prescribed, but only I believed necessary to cure my Illness per blood test result . And by that I completely healed .
I am in duty to learn medicine because Medical Dr. in our place prescribed the most expensive drug when it can be healed by not expensive drugs. The basic example to mention drug for rhinitis allergy a simple Claritin or celestamine I am enough to be healed for 1 or 2 tablets, but DR. so many kinds, so prescribed the most expensive that cost you thousands of hundred of US dollar if you buy all. Also arthritis so much pain reliever to prescribe when the clocosamine with chondroitine are the appropriate supplement to ease from recurrent ( I use this supplement since 5 years already, Dr does not know this).
I started self medication since 2000, and do not believe that cholesterol is the cause of death of heart block. If all of us learn to know the important of nutrients, there will no more be groaning because of too much high in cost of medicine because illness can be minimised except on God’s well.

August 05, 2010 - 13:47
To use Steroids or To Not use Steroids

So I watched the Documentary "Bigger, Stronger, Faster*" and it made me look at steroids in a different way. I am 33 years old and struggle with my weight a lot. I get tired of my family telling me to loose weight.....I am Healthy for my size, I walk everyday, I do my gym excerises, but I don't loose weight, I am stronger and feel better than I did when I first started, but my weight is still the same, don't gain any, don't loose any.

I am seriously concidering taking steroids to help me with my physic. I have been all over the net looking for the pro's and con's to why I should and shouldn't take steroids. So far from everything I have read, I am leaning to the pro side of doing steroids. Here is why: true that the side affects of using steroids are low sperm count, "bitch tits", acne, extra body hair (which confuses me to how you can be going bald, yet grow hair.....that seems to happen even with out steroids), etc., but those side affects for men are only tempary, as long as your on steroids this things will happen, but once you stop taking steroids, these affects are reverseable. As far as women and teenagers, the side affects are permanit.

There are no real studies as far as the long term affects of steroid use. From what I have been reading, people who seem to use steroids also use other drugs, so can it be argued that steroids are a gateway drug.......does sound like it to me. Also from what I have read, steroids will increase the rate of growth in cancers and other diseases. You can throw names out there to argue that steroids will kill you and there are side affects from steroids; names like Chris Benoit, or Lyle Alzado. Chris Benoit would Head butt a person from the top rope of the ring. that is about 4 feet of the bottom of the ring, add to that his height, about 6'1"......head butting from about 10 feet of the ground everyone knows that that will cause some damage, that right there is just common did steroids cause the concusions, or did they just speed up the developement of his mental break down???? Lyle Alzado admitted to having used steroids in his hay day. If he hadn't used steroids, would he have developed cancer??? Only God knows. Did Steroids speed up the cancer growth, I personally think that they did, but I am just a guy researching the pro's and con's on steroid use, not a doctor.

So are the risks for me worth it???? So far I feel that the answer is YES. However, I am still keeping my option to Not Use Steroids. So If there is anything that you can present, any study that shows what the long term side affects are, I would be more than Happy to look it over. Honestly, I have not yet found a study on the Internet saying that Steroids will kill you, that Steroids cause diseases, that Steroids are are dangerous on a long run.

thank you

Reply to nwodaddy
May 31, 2011 - 22:08
Re: To use Steroids or To Not use Steroids

Seriously dude - you obviously need help. Your post makes me think you are either a kid or someone who is mentally challenged. Clearly you need medical intervention or to finish school at a minimum.

Reply to nwodaddy
February 13, 2017 - 21:23

U no how much shit those guys took. WWF if I get in all ur juice paid for by Vince McMan. Those guys were always on something but cycling like benit u willl fuck your head up do lots of research an know what your doing or don't fuck around u need pre load the test Ev1-4 then 5-8 test p an last 2-4 weeks test E between weeks var and pct s
An HGC for family jewels. U can do sustanan. Cypinate, test mix 1-4
Then test prop 5-8?weeks 21 days so your Ester's will stay low add anavar or whinny 50mg ed for week 3-4-7 weeeks . Have pacts ready!! I'm running biotech gear never had seen complaints only if I don't know ur shit.

July 28, 2010 - 11:14

A poorly researched and badly written article. The connection between steroid use and child abuse was laughable. You want the real reason why people take steroids? Look at Men's Health Magazine, or any Hollywood action movie, or competitive sports. All filled with men and women who have taken STEROIDS. Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger got his physique from eating sauerkraut? Or Sly Stallone from eating his mom's spaghetti?

People take steroids because they want to emulate their heroes and have the body of Adonis. Plain and simple. Furthermore, yes steroids can give you gynocomastia and other health defects. The fact is that most steroid users are well aware of these risks and take drugs to combat them.

Your comment "More than half of body-builder sterod abusers will typically experience enlarged breasts and shrunken male organs" was not referenced to any research or poll. People who take steroids without
a) doing their research and
b) taking the appropriate medicine to counteract gyno, estrogen etc eg: nolvadex, arimidex, clomid

..are idiots. Steroids CAN be taken with minimal side effects and risks if the user informs his or herself and is sensible.

Reply to Michael
Eddie Avila
November 24, 2012 - 22:32

Well said, wish there was a "like" button.

Reply to Michael
August 02, 2015 - 11:25

As a sometime user of steroids myself, I'd have to say that this is one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable comments on this subject that I've ever read. UNLIKE the majority of misinformed and ignorant trolls posting on this thread. Two thumbs up for sure!

July 27, 2010 - 17:24
steriod use

Where are the reports to back this article up? There has benn no research done on steriod use so how can this jerk make those comments? Steriods are use to help fight HIV and MD..... Maybe someone should push to have an actual study done so we can prove if these statements are true or not???

Johnny Research
July 07, 2010 - 22:50

You people have a very very bad defintion of abuse.Abuse would be taking ANY drug much much longer than whats good for you.Taking a drug non-stop until it causes obvious problems is abuse. Taking roids without a dr. telling you to take it does not mean you are abusing them right from the first pill or injection as you make it sound.Thats nonsense.

Reply to Johnny Research
May 31, 2011 - 22:11
Re: abuse

If you are taking meds illegally for any reason you are abusing the drug.

November 17, 2008 - 09:46

I have gained a lot of weight in one year is there any steriods that can help me lose weight faster while im working out in the gym.

Reply to pam
June 06, 2010 - 03:24
Re: question

Firstly this is a horrible place to ask that question, secondly if you actually did your research you would know how to cut, looks to me you don't know shit about AAS and in that case you can stop thinking about trying any cycle at all no offense. If you want to lose that water weight then change your diet and supplements, if you need help with a diet plan you can ask around in some Bodybuilding forums I am sure people would to happy to help out a fellow Gym rat. And you shouldn't even try a cycle until you have plateaued.

Reply to pam
July 01, 2010 - 17:32
Steroid question

Hi there, I just read your post asking if steroids can help you lose weight. The answer is yes. I am particularly refering to a steroid called winstrol and another called anavar. Both winstrol and anavar are "cutting roids" meaning the shed fat and water giving you a very lean hard look. Anavar is know to be one of the safest roids out there. It is a very mild drug. If you have anymore questions just feel free to ask me. Bye.


Reply to pam
September 02, 2010 - 17:02
Re: question

Only if u want to die of cancer and maybe next time don't eat so many twinky's.

October 24, 2008 - 04:49

she use to take steroids at the time of pregnency according to the doctors prescription. She got delivery before 2 months now her Creatinine level is high its 2.13 and the doctor has done biopsy of kidney And reports states that One core with 9 glomeruli. All the glomeruli show mesangial Hypercellularity with mild neutrophilic exudation and matrix expansion. There is no Evidence of basement Membrance Thickening or crescents. Interstitium Shows Diffuse Dense Mixed Inflammation Along with focal Fibrosis and patchy Tubular atrophy and now they are giving the steroids will this cause any problem

B. bobo
September 26, 2008 - 22:02
Elevated liver enzymes from topical steroid cream?

'My latest liver enzymes were elevated AST-113 ALT-88. I use a LOT of topical steroid cream for mod/severe psoriasis. Can this affect my liver?'

September 25, 2008 - 02:29

I'm doing an addictive drug project and this site is incredibly helpful!

September 23, 2008 - 12:43

i bn using steroids for 4 years and my opinon is they are addictive...... 1st of id cycle but i got to a point were i couldnt handle the wait loss so now im always on them they are very powerful drugs dangerous i do not now bu boy they work id advise to study them before you try

Reply to sean
July 29, 2010 - 19:57
Re: steroids

Can u time table my wrisiling

Reply to sean
February 20, 2012 - 14:13
Re: steroids

Iwant to use steroids for beuld my body or beuld my muscel big,so ineed an advise,if ishould steroids or continue training my self natural

September 03, 2008 - 10:31

Hmmm. Very interesting.

I certainly do not profess any expertise on the subject of steroids and neither advocate nor condemn their use by athletes or anyone else. That said, I do find a couple things about your piece a bit disturbing and dubious.

You speak of "abuse" and then in response to a question define "abuse" as any use not prescribed for a medical condition. This is specious, I believe, given that your article talks of all those terrifying side effects being a result of "abuse".

I could understand if you ascribed side effects to "misuse" - i.e. prolonged, unregulated, or otherwise careless use - but as worded your article implies that any non-medical use risks catastrophe.

You are free to believe that and to state it, of course, but I am always more than a tad skeptical when sweeping declarations of this sort are not accompanied by references and citations allowing readers to check the science themselves. Lacking such references, such statements smack of (unfounded) personal opinion.

If the "typical" side effects you describe are indeed "typical" when steroids are "abused" (used other than pursuant to a prescription), why is this not manifested in hundreds of prematurely balding Major League baseball players, male Olympic swimmers and sprinters with boobs, etc etc etc.?

Have people died, lost hair, or destroyed livers as a result of steroid us? Probably. Just as people have died, lost hair, and destroyed livers as a result of alcohol use. And just as people have died from taking aspirin. These facts tell us nothing of value, absent scientific study documenting circumstances and details such as amounts, purity of product, dosages, frequency of use, longevity of use and so forth.

I truly don't wish to be critical but, frankly, your piece reads more like hysteria than informed fact.


Reply to John
May 19, 2010 - 06:21
Re: "abuse"

I agree with you 100%, the whole post that was written above, looks to be written by someone who has watched to much TV. Fact is there is not one proven case where anyone has ever died from using anabolic steroids...not ONE. People are going to say Lyle Alzado LOL!... well his doctors even said there was no link to his brain cancer, and steroid use. Even if his case was true that is 1 person, when people are dying every day in the rate of 1000's from alcohol and tabaco.

Reply to John
tyler w
June 18, 2012 - 07:33
Re: "abuse"

Damn just blew my mind not only with your sophistication.. but your grammar is perfect.

September 01, 2008 - 11:54

Hi, A very interesting article on the negatives of steroid abuse. What would be helpfull is if you could highlight what actually defines "abuse". Is it the use of steroids without medical advice or is there a limit that if taken over would be classed as abuse. I have just started a course of Dianabol and am looking forward to the positive effects of muscle growth accelaration in the gym. I am aware of the possible side effects but as with all illegal substances these are over hyped in the media and as such not as risky as they are made out.
If possible it would be good to have the positives of taking steroids and why this is so prevalent in sport supported by the government. There are purposefully not enough drug tests out there to enable athletes to improve and compete at the level they do after all, everyone loves to see records broken in the olympics and without the use of steroids this would not be possible to the extent that has been recorded to date. MAny thanks for your time I look forward to your response.

Reply to Daniel
Patrick Dixon
September 02, 2008 - 22:33
Steroid abuse

Most people would term steroid abuse as use of steroids which are not prescribed for a medical condition, but just as performance enhancers. Steroids have major side effects and taking them when you do not need to can be dangerous.

Sports regulators are doing all they can to ensure a "level playing field" so no one has an unfair advantage through rigourous testing though it does not pick up everything.

August 31, 2008 - 01:48
How long do they stay in the system?

How long do steroids stay in the system? A local group of high school ball players need to be tested and I don't know what the window is. Anyone out there have info?

Reply to Samhag
Patrick Dixon
September 02, 2008 - 22:38
Steroid testing

I do not have info on this.... but testing is getting more and more sensitive. If you are even thinking about it. DOn't use them!

Brandon Desrochers
August 05, 2008 - 17:34
16 years old

im really skinny and I just want to grow some wait!
I workout alot and I eat alot but I cant seem to grow!
would steroids kill me if I take it at my age?

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
Patrick Dixon
August 06, 2008 - 09:12
Dont do it

Dangerous - do not even think about it. Patrick

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
August 09, 2008 - 09:28

You have a fast metabolism it sounds like. Steroids are a bad idea though. You should go see the doctor about putting on some weight!

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
November 10, 2008 - 22:05
Re: 16 years old

dont not use are still growing and you still have HGH in your system..i wouldnt recommend using them until you are full grown if at all. 16 is way way to young to be using..start with simple supplements like vit- b12 and weight gainer helps

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
July 22, 2010 - 08:39
Re: 16 years old

They wont do alot for you if your skinny, you only see real results from when you are as big as you can get naturally and it seems your a long long way from that!!! I used to take them 8 weeks on then 8 weeks off, I was only about 145 lbs to start with, they didnt do that much because I wasnt big enough to start with. The only real things I had to show for it were phsycosis and paranoia. I suggest you eat 6 meals a day, maybe replace a couple a day with weight gain drinks because it can be hard to eat so much, dont leave it more than 3 hours between your meals, use the amount of weight that you can do more than 4 reps, if you can do more than 8 reps add a bit more weight. Think about taking creatine, non steroid, you should put on a few pounds in the first week or 2.
You will put on weight its that just some people are hard gainers, which means you have to work that extra bit harder and most importantly EAT MORE
Hope Iv been some help, leave them alone.

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
April 23, 2012 - 00:24
Re: 16 years old

Hi to anyone who is under the age of 21 I do not advise taking steroids! Especially at 16.. 16-18 are some of the biggest years of growth for Men. Taking steroids can close your growth plates if taken.. so if your 16 and you had the potential of growing 4 more inches in the next 2-3 years you no longer have that shot. To my recommendation 25 would be the best age to take steroids for those who are serious about lifting and insist on using. At this age you will be fully grown.. in height and width as well as mentally. Steroids should not be taken for anabolic purposes unless you already have full knowledge of proper diet and training. You should also do atleast a year worth of research and preparation before starting. Steroids can not kill you directly.. however they can cause nasty side effects if not taken properly. Anyone at this age start training now! I was a skinny little basterd when I started off but after hitting the weights for a couple of years I gained a lot of natural weight. It wasnt until 5 years of getting as big as I can naturally that I pushed it passed my limit. It is not impossible to change your physique! Everyone has the ability to gain muscle.. it simply requires a proper diet and training. Once you gain a fondation of natural muscle and your 21+ (preferably 25) than you can consider taking the next step. Also note that natural muscle tends to stick around a lot longer than muscle from juice.. if you want to hold muscle from juice you need to take it again every so often in cycles. It's not a game you want to get into if you dont have to.

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
big dog
July 09, 2012 - 23:52
Re: 16 years old

If you take steroids which is up to you not anyone else. You need to go on a diet and eat lean meat anf fish and drink a lot of water watch your health try exercising regurlarly or go to a gym do a lot of walking and take it how it is said to be taken but make sure that you keep yourself in good health at the sametime.

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
Kim Rapp
February 06, 2013 - 06:37

Resistance training, a healthy diet and vitamin supplementation will help you gain healthy body mass and strength.

Reply to Brandon Desrochers
joey baker
November 11, 2015 - 18:17

yes they will i studied them for years they will kill you from the inside out don't take them just keep working out and eating you will get bigger

Reply to Patrick Dixon
Joe Mama
May 24, 2011 - 19:07
New results

New tests show that steroids do not cause cancer and can reverse the effects of alcohol abuse.

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