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Celebrex and Vioxx - arthritis pain relief without side effects?

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In early 2005, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced important changes for all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medicines, including CELEBREX and other prescription and non-prescription NSAIDs. The FDA requested that the safety information of all of these products include information about cardiovascular and gastrointestinal risks. Therefore, the FDA is requesting manufacturers of all prescription NSAIDs to include boxed warnings identifying these risks.

Physicians have to weigh up the known risks of taking Celebrex against the risks of using alternatives such as ibuprofen, which itself can cause major health problems, with gastro-intestinal bleeding being a not uncommon problem.

Celebrex was launched in January 1999 as a pain relief drug for arthritis. Over 3.2 million Celebrex scripts were issued in the first 15 weeks, overtaking the previous  Viagra record (3.1 million).  But does Celebrex work?  How does Celebrex work?  What are Celebrex side effects?


Celebrex appears to have small but steady lead over Vioxx with 51% to 49% of scripts in the early part of 2000. - see e-mail for more data and investment discussions.


Celebrex may prevent colon cancer - 77 people with familial adenomatous polyposis were given Celebrex.  After 6 months the number of polyps in those taking 400mg Celebrex a day were reduced by 28%.   There was a 12% reduction on 100mg Celebrex a day.  New England Journal of Medicine 28 June 2000


New drugs like Celebrex contribute to 17.4% increase in US spending on prescription drugs.  Wall Street Journal 27 June 2000


Celebrex causes less oedema and blood pressure problems than Vioxx - according to a six-week, multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, parallel study of both drugs in 800 people with high blood pressure and osteoarthritis.  Royal Society of Chemistry 22 June 200


Long-term safety study shows 25% fewer physician consultations for arthritis patients taking celebrex compared with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Brufen.  Canada Newswire 22 June 2000


Vioxx gives slightly better pain relief and comfort at night than Celebrex.  Dow Jones report 22 June 2000


Australia government subsidizes Celebrex sales by $217m to encourage use. The average user will save $40 on Celebrex every month.  An estimated 500,000 Australians will benefit. Daily Telegraph Australia 6 June 2000


Monsanto has made Celebrex TV commercials without naming Celebrex to avoid Federal laws requiring side-effects to be stated on adverts.  This follows reports of stomach ulcers and deaths in a small minority treated with Celebrex.  Existing drugs of a similar kind produce potentially fatal bleeding ulcers in around 1% of those treated long term.  Expert consensus is that Celebrex appears to have a far lower risk of bleeding ulcers than any conventional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and should therefore be taken with confidence by those with osteo-arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, under medical supervision. Wall Street Journal: 4 May 1999


Celebrex is the first of Cox-2 inhibitors - traditional anti-inflammatory drugs target general prostaglandin production, affecting both Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzymes.  Cox-1 inhibition can lead to ulcers.  Cox-2 inhibitors are said to cause far less gastro-intestinal problems.  A second Cox-2 inhibitor, Vioxx made by Mercck and Co has now been released and has overtaken even Celebrex in speed of sales.  Celebrex name is causing confusion with other similar sounding drugs. Advertising Age: 3 May 1999


Over 350,000 scripts a week of Celebrex.   Business Wire: 23 April 1999


Press statement after reports of 10 Celebrex deaths and sharp fall in script issues: "GD Searle's (Monsanto is subsidiary - ed) first interest is always patient safety. We take all adverse reaction reports seriously, review them appropriately, and share information with the FDA. GD Searle's medical review of the individual 10 reports to the FDA indicates no direct causality between Celebrex usage and any of the reported deaths. Celebrex is already being used by more than 2 M people. There is nothing in the post-marketing reports to alter our confidence in the safety and effectiveness of Celebrex. Our experience shows that the drug is safe and effective when used as prescribed within the label."  Federal Drugs Agency says no need to worry about Celebrex "super-aspirin" Chemical Business Newsbase 21 April 1999

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Great article and very irmtpoant. Too much time spent with keyboards is causing this problem to grow throughout the population. This is such an issue since if you do not resolve the issue naturally the doctors are all too willing to go to surgery (which seldom works for long since you do not resolve the underlying problems). Yoga is by far the better approach.

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