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Keynote to European Paper and Pulp Packaging Industry

Future of packaging – articles, videos and presentations on the future of packaging by Futurist conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon.

The packaging industry will continue to face relentless and growing pressures from manufacturers, wholesalers, logistics and supply chain companies, retailers, government regulators and above all from consumers, to look great, prevent damage, reduce cost, cut waste and reduce energy use. 

The perfect mass-market retail package always protects what is inside, and promotes the brand on the outside – with distinctive shape, unique opening method, and other instantly recognizable brand elements.  It is light-weight, compact, low cost, easy to track through the supply chain, and easy to recycle. 

The perfect premium-market retail package can become a fashion icon in it’s own right – a collector’s item even after the contents of the package have been removed or used up. Ecological issues can fade away.  The premium package is a public statement about the customer’s own personal brand image.

It says: “You made a great decision” and is all about theatre: prepare to enjoy the moment of revelation, a total sensory experience as the package is opened.  How it appears, the sound the packaging makes, how the packaging feels (weight, texture, hard or soft), how it sounds when you shake it, the aroma it releases.

10 key packaging trends:

1) Reduction in packaging materials – thinner, stronger design, lighter, simpler.

2) Packaging closer to manufacture – less empty cartons carried in lorries.

3) Smart packaging – rapid print, aligned with real-time campaigns and offers; more use of RFID technology for electronic tagging, tracking of stock, as cost of RFID tags falls.

4) Better recycling – easier recycling of packaging, higher percentage recycled materials in new packaging.

5) Biodegradeable packaging – eg plastics made from starch, more use of cardboard.

6) Space-saving packaging – eg growth of square cartons for drinks.

7) Customer Returns packaging – improvement in re-seal pouches to keep pace with huge growth of online ordering of eg clothes where customers often order several sizes to try on, returning most goods ordered.

8) Better ways to print branding / marketing on plastics eg bottles.

9) Less use of solvent-based inks for printing.

10) Consolidation of packaging industry – economies of scale with larger machines, faster turnarounds, next-generation technology

Presentations and Videos on Future of Packaging

Future of the Paper, Cardboard and Packaging Industries - keynote conference opening sesssion for 1,500 people in Stockholm. Future of forestry, logistics, energy reduction, carbon use, recycling, government policy and related issues.

More videos of conference keynotes by Patrick Dixon on the future of packaging

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