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Why health care really matters -- bad health care makes me really angry. Good health care can change people's lives forever. Spirit of compassion -- in doctors, physicians, nurses, care workers, in hospital, clinics, residential care homes, nursing homes and in your own home. Feel what it is like to be sick. Understand what patient's experience every day in your own hospital. Take time to really listen to what people are saying, and not saying. Discover what matters most to each person you meet. Good health care is about access to treatment as well as compassion: it touches issues of social justice, as I have found when starting the international AIDS foundation ACET (AIDS Care Education and Training), also working in Hospices with people dying of cancer. Health care worker training needs to focus on human issues: empathy, understanding, listening skills, insight, treating people holistically with needs of body, mind, emotion and the spirit. Future of pharmaceutical industry -- conference keynote speaker Dr Patrick Dixon


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