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The Truth About Aids

18 Books by Futurist Keynote Speaker / Author - The Truth about AIDS - free books on HIV

AIDS Book by Dr Patrick Dixon published by Kingsway 1994, Updated 2002

Latest HIV / AIDS facts and figures: ACET International Alliance website. List of contents below. The shorter AIDS and You book is also available online.

Many useful facts and opinions about the medical and social aspects of AIDS. Nursing Times.

Should be available to every GP for his own use and for lending to those concerned . . . well referenced yet written with a minimum of technical jargon. The Physician.

A wealth of research and published material from medical and popular sources in a detailed and extensively referenced book. British Medical Journal.

Useful and interesting book that patients will read and benefit from. Journal of Royal College of General Practitioners.

Excellent and thoroughly readable book. Caring Professions Concern (CICP)

Probably the best single volume of the whole AIDS issue available today. I recommend it to pastors and those with care responsibility as well as others with more general interest. Restoration

If Which? offers a best buy then The Truth About AIDS is my choice . . . the tone, suggestions and response seem to mirror exactly what Jesus would require of us all in the current crisis.Third Way

Free copies of latest edition of "AIDS and You" paperback books are available for organisations working in the poorest nations - while stocks last - from ACET International Alliance - or access text online here.

The Truth About AIDS


Don't Tell People the Truth

Many people are scared of telling the truth about AIDS. They say it will cause panic. The trouble is, lack of trust in what is being said officially can cause near hysteria---as we have seen in reactions to infected surgeons or nurses recently.

My experience is that people respect you for being honest. No one believes you if you deliberately play down risks. You lose all credibility when you give the impression something is safe and someone dies after doing it. Common sense tells people that certain things must carry some risk.

It is stupid to say that if you follow guidelines you cannot become infected with the virus causing AIDS from looking after someone with the disease. Accidents happen. Guidelines may be hard to follow in all situations and they may have to be modified in the future in the light of experience. People know there are risks in nursing a person with AIDS, just as there are in being operated on by an infected surgeon. There must be. Anyone knows that. What is needed is to convince people that when you say these risks are very small you can really be trusted; that you are not giving people a false sense of security in order to persuade them to do something you know might be dangerous. When people really trust that you are telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth---then they see what the risks really are and feel secure in knowing what they are dealing with. Knowing the truth allows them to make intelligent decisions about what to do.

I'm going to tell the truth as best I can.

There is a lot of extra information in the endnotes. These are in a shorthand that any librarian can understand. Sufficient information is given to turn to the exact pages of scientific publications. For reasons of space, authors' names and titles of papers have usually been omitted. Newspapers are from the UK unless stated. Use the Index and cross-references.

Not everything is referenced. Sometimes a figure or comment has been jotted down and used later although I cannot remember the source. Sometimes the source has been a personal interview. Where I want to protect the person's identity the reference is `personal communication'. Many reference materials can be ordered from your local library or the librarian can advise you further. Student friends, doctors, or nurses will have access to much larger libraries.

This book is about people. Details of names, places, times and events have been altered where necessary to protect identity. If you think you are reading about someone or some place you know, you are probably mistaken. Some of the medical case reports in Chapter 3 are compiled from real events in a number of people's lives.

This book is written from the perspective of a doctor who is also a church leader.

Some Bible passages are written in the endnotes. These need to be read in context. Almost any argument can be constructed out of isolated Bible quotations. For three consecutive years recently I made it my business to read the Bible each year from start to finish---to catch its overall meaning and avoid `verse grabbing' pitfalls. I encourage you to do the same.

Some parts of this book are sexually explicit and some may find this offensive. As a doctor I deal with real people in the real world who need accurate information and practical help. I regret giving offence, but my goal is to save lives and to help those affected.

The Truth About AIDS

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January 09, 2017 - 17:54

Maerials about AIDS/HIV

Dear Sir,
i am navdeep singh from india. i am a health worker. i request you
Please do kindly send me your valuable free materials on HIV/AIDs and also send me the books of the truth about drugs
MOBILE N0.- +91-9622259600
[email protected]
Yours sincerely

Mwana gwite
June 03, 2013 - 02:43

Maerials about AIDS/HIV

Dear Sir,

Please do kindly send me your valuable free materials on HIV/AIDs

Yours sincerely


February 21, 2012 - 17:40

The way you write make it relaly comfortable to read. And the design you use, wow. It is a relaly good combination. And I am wondering what is the name of the design you use?

Jones Chamangwana
July 04, 2010 - 09:24
Request for Literature

Reach out ministries is a local non-profit faith based organization which was formed and registered with the Malawi government in 2006 to meet people where they live and give them hope. The ministry is affiliated to Evangelical Association of Malawi – which is a mother body of all churches and all Christian non-governmental organizations, Scripture union of Malawi, Student Christian Organization of Malawi and interfaith organizations in promoting the voices, rights and needs of children and young people. Transforming lives of people in communities that is witnessing for Jesus Christ and through the provision of social amenities that would improve the quality of their lives.

The organization is located in two sectors:
1. The HIV&AIDS & Health sector
2. The Religious sector.

…..I pray that everything may go well with you and that you may be in good health-as I know you are well in spirit.

 In the HIV&AIDS sector it works primarily with the Department of Health in promoting education and awareness to slow the spread of AIDS and Advocating for improved treatment and rights of AIDS victims. Healthy people are lifelong learners, Healthy leaders are committed to serve and develop others.

 Religious sector are key to mitigating the epidemic because, they are trusted and respected members of the society and are influential in shaping social values and public opinion. Moreover, the church has spiritual and social care that can promote actions through their presence in local communities.The church has a long history of presence, proclamation and persuasion and
can bring suggestions to slow the spread of this deadly epidemic and the
human suffering that goes along with it. The church has the scripture
manual with tested and proven effectiveness in changing behaviour morals.

We always believe that the church was a loving and caring church; Reach Out Ministries is therefore empowering the same church to care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Our attitude and Behaviour towards people living with HIV&AIDS is a great test of our Christian faith and we always believe that individuals and whole communities have the inherent capacity to change attitudes and behaviours.

We always believe that the church has been given the ministry of reconciliation, and they can help to change people’s attitude and behaviour.
Mission Statement
• To advance the gospel through spiritual generation and help churches to reach-out people and changing lives
• To promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the kingdom of God
• To Rescue and Restore a young generation to live in the destiny God created them.

The Main Objective
To reach people for life and bring hope to the hopeless
Send to;
Reach out ministries
P.O BOX 544

Trena Riley
June 16, 2010 - 11:45
Need Resources

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer and would greatly appreciate any materials I could use to educate my community on the threat of HIV/AIDS and ways to prevent it. Thank you.

samuel J. bhembe
May 02, 2010 - 10:55
Request of HIV/AIDS material

I would like to receive a free copy of your book to educate young people in my locality.

Rev.Hangpi Manlun
October 28, 2008 - 11:40
Asking for sending Maerials about AIDS/HIV

Dear Sir,

Please do kindly send me your valuable materials on HIV/AIDs

Yours sincerely

Rev.Hangpi Manlun

Reply to Rev.Hangpi Manlun
Gloria Meredith
February 12, 2013 - 04:31

Dear Rev.
I started volunteering with people with AIDS since 1989 by picking them up from street and finding them a place to sleep which of course is always at my home. Since the stigma has lessened somewhat I started by giving them chicken to rear and sell as a Source of living so that their disrupted life can be revitalized.
Our funding has stop and I simply don't know where to turn.

Please pray for us and the persons who are ill.

Thank you and God bless
Gloria Meredith

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