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Huge Tomatoes from Exhaust Gas in Power Generation, and re-use of heat. Greentech Innovation, CO2 emissions reduction, energy and food industry - climate emergency keynote speaker - VIDEO

For YEARS I warned about new pandemic risks. Life beyond COVID - impact on health care, vaccines, pharma. Future of Health care Keynote Speaker

Life Beyond Coronavirus. Virtual Event Futurist Keynote Speaker.High audience engagement on COVID-19. Patrick Dixon is one of the world's leading keynote speakers on health care

Q+A on COVID: global impact - with Futurist physician advisor to corporations and government. COVID keynote speaker - health care trends

Why many don't trust government info about health scares, and why most people distrust marketing messages - truth about social media. Health care trends. Marketing keynote speaker

Future of Cars: auto industry trends. Future of Robot drivers, future of e-vehicles, future of flying cars - auto industry keynote speaker

Future of Print Marketing - digital marketing, programmatic marketing, omnichannel marketing - key messages, recorded seconds before start of my future of marketing keynote for CANON - VIDEO

Future of Personalised Mailings. Why physical mailshots will continue to be part of marketing strategies. Totally customised high speed print, programmatic marketing keynote- VIDEO

Next-generation print marketing - programmatic printing, integrated marketing - keynote speaker VIDEO

Totally personal books: future of book printing and digital marketing, programmatic printing, customisation, short print runs. Publishing keynote for CANON - VIDEO

Future of Programmatic Marketing. Integrate print and e-marketing. Future of marketing and marketing strategies. Futurist keynote speaker VIDEO

Future of Medicine and Biotech - Video

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - BioTech and MedTech Keynote Speaker

How scientists will attempt to slow down or stop the ageing process - video

Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon on science of ageing, health care, life expectancy, medical advances, pensions, retirement, lifestyles and government policy.

Themes: The future of medicine and health care. Major trends impacting every area of health care. How genetics will create new patterns of drug discovery and drug development. New cures and treatments. Ethical and social issues of biotech. Gene testing for insurance, genetic predictions of disease and related issues. Human cloning and reproductive technologies. How public mood towards biotech is changing. Media pressures and single issue activism. Laws, regulations and moral debates.

Need a world-class health trends keynote speaker? Phone Patrick Dixon now or email.

Future of biotechnology, genetics, health care, pharmaceutical industry

Dr Patrick Dixon lecture to biotech venture capital investors about future medicine and health care, gene therapy, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Dixon is a physician and trends analyst.

NOTE: All keynote speeches on the future are shaped carefully for each client. If your connection is fast enough you may be able look at the slides at the same time as the presentation but keep in mind that these slides are static and most slides during the event also contained video. See also other articles on the future of medicine, the future of treatments, the future of health care in a digital and biotech age and huge numbers of other health pages including the future of the pharmaceutical industry, future of private health care and hospital medicine.

Need a world-class health trends keynote speaker? Phone Patrick Dixon now or email.

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February 21, 2012 - 19:04

In the words of Neo: 'Whoa!':)You're right about much of it. The trick is being able to cghnae your mindset until you can think like that. Sometimes we as humans get so good at wrapping failure and negativity around us like blankets. Too often we want to be further into the future (ie. better) than we are; or we remember only what we've done wrong in the past. Faith (in its fullest meaning), I suspect, has a lot to do with it. It's something I've lost a lot of recently. Something I plan on regaining.I love your application of the concept to the line on the page. Freedom or confinement with every stroke. Hmmm... Gonna have to think some more about that one!Cheers,

Muhammad Akram
November 03, 2010 - 13:53

The causative organisms of acute bacterial sinusitis are similar to those of acute otitis media. They include Streptococcus pneumoniae (30% to 40% of clinical isolates), Haemophilus influenzae (20% to 30%), Moraxella catarrhalis (12% to 20%), and Streptococcus pyogenes (up to 3%). Other pathogens, found less frequently, include other Streptococcus species, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria species, and gram-positive and other gram-negative bacilli.
Fungi are most commonly observed in immunocompromised and diabetic individuals. Anaerobic infections may occur in chronic sinusitis or with dental disease. Clinical studies in children with sinusitis are rare, because of the difficulties in diagnosing sinusitis in this age group. In the few pediatric studies published, the pathogens cultured from children with acute sinusitis and subacute sinusitis are similar to those of adults. The predominant pathogens isolated from pediatric patients with chronic sinusitis are Streptococcus pneumoniae, Moraxella catarrhalis, Haemophilus influenzae, and anaerobes.

Rogelio Pamatz
October 25, 2010 - 16:58
why not

why not just do what we think is right

Hamisi Mwarindano Mraja
May 21, 2010 - 08:13

It's really taking me to predict whats da next move the telemed genius are going to come up. Actually I had a research regarding this issue however I'M not yet done, so I can havbe any time of help. But it's interetsing according to the enrolled hopes behind!

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