Why this is boom-time for physical corporate events in some nations following COVID vaccinations - future of conferencing and virtual events, keynote speakers. Get ready for hyper-agile pop-up events at very short notice. Companies have to meet to survive

The Truth about COVID-19. Impact on health care, vaccines, pharma. Health care Keynote Speaker

Life Beyond Coronavirus. Virtual Event Futurist Keynote Speaker.High audience engagement on COVID-19. Patrick Dixon is one of the world's leading keynote speakers on health care

Q+A on COVID: global impact - with Futurist physician advisor to corporations and government. COVID keynote speaker - health care trends

Why many don't trust government info about health scares, and why most people distrust marketing messages - truth about social media. Health care trends. Marketing keynote speaker

Future of Cars: auto industry trends. Future of Robot drivers, future of e-vehicles, future of flying cars - auto industry keynote speaker

Future of Print Marketing - digital marketing, programmatic marketing, omnichannel marketing - key messages, recorded seconds before start of my future of marketing keynote for CANON - VIDEO

Future of Personalised Mailings. Why physical mailshots will continue to be part of marketing strategies. Totally customised high speed print, programmatic marketing keynote- VIDEO

Next-generation print marketing - programmatic printing, integrated marketing - keynote speaker VIDEO

Totally personal books: future of book printing and digital marketing, programmatic printing, customisation, short print runs. Publishing keynote for CANON - VIDEO

Future of Programmatic Marketing. Integrate print and e-marketing. Future of marketing and marketing strategies. Futurist keynote speaker VIDEO

Diet and Disease - future of health care. Feed Your Gut Microbes! Huge impact of nutrition on personal health, life expectancy forecasts and Microbiome. Futurist health keynote speaker VIDEO

Video-streaming - Archive

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Media, Films, Music, TV, Radio, Print - Keynotes

CNNfn.com is now offering live, on demand web video to complement CNN financial news' broadcasts using Web Theatre 2 technology from Vxtreme Inc. Currently, streaming video and audio from two companies is available: Digital Jam and Business Unusual. By the end of the second quarter, the network's entire line-up will be broadcast on the web.

Cable News Network Inc. CNN is planning to provide live video as part of its web service. MSNBC Business Video will also be introduced as a new web-casting service. Source: New York Times

FIRST CALL Research Direct on the Internet now offers MSNBC Business Video, the first Internet/intranet service with live and archived video and audio reports of breaking news events vital to business and financial professionals. Source: Business Wire

Silicon Graphics Inc., launches the latest version of its streaming video server software, "Webforce Mediabase", an industrial strength video server that brings the performance and scalability of interactive television to an Internet environment. It will enable, among other things, the use of 28.8k modems to access video-on-demand applications. Source: [email protected] Week

Vivo Software Inc. launches VivoActive Producer 2.0, the company's tool for creating low-bandwidth streaming audio and video for the Web. Source: Zdnet.

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