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Cyberchurch published by Kingsway. Every day thousands of people pay a visit to cyber churches - faith communities that exist only in the virtual world - social networking. Virtual faith for people - or another dimension to real spirituality?

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The Rising Price of Love

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Books - free books on Future Trends

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Relationships, Singles, Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Child Welfare

This 275 page free online book on relationships, dating, marriage, children, child welfare, family life, singles, the sexual revolution, cohabitation, by Dr Patrick Dixon, made banner headlines on publication by Hodder in 1995. Backed by hundreds of references, many of which are scientific papers, it questions the sustainability of current trends regarding dating, relationships, marriage, divorce and child welfare. The book correctly anticipated the shift in government thinking - whether left or right wing.

Huge media coverage followed launch of this book. Along with the social, emotional and health costs, Patrick Dixon has actually calculated the financial price of modern morals, with help from the UK government's Actuary Department. He argues that in some parts of Western society, the pendulum is swinging back so fast towards traditional values that government policy is often totally out of step with popular thinking.

Author: Dr Patrick Dixon is author of "The Rising Price of Love" published by Hodder 1995, director of Global Change Ltd.

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The Truth about AIDS

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Books - free books on Future Trends

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This book hit the front page of three British newspapers in the 24 hours following publication, with two editorials calling for the government's Chief Medical Officer to resign. It also led directly to the launch of a major new international relief agency, ACET (AIDS Care Education and Training), now operating in ten nations. The ten point plan for government action has largely been implemented, and the manifesto for community action has become a reality through ACET. Now entire text of third edition available on net FREE.

Many useful facts and opinions about the medical and social aspects of AIDS. Nursing Times Should be available to every GP for his own use and for lending to those concerned . . . well referenced yet written with a minimum of technical jargon. The Physician A wealth of research and published material from medical and popular sources in a detailed and extensively referenced book. British Medical Journal Useful and interesting book that patients will read and benefit from. Journal of Royal College of General Practitioners Excellent and thoroughly readable book. Caring Professions Concern (CICP) Probably the best single volume of the whole AIDS issue available today. I recommend it to pastors and those with care responsibility as well as others with more general interest. Restoration If Which? offers a best buy then The Truth About AIDS is my choice . . . the tone, suggestions and response seem to mirror exactly what Jesus would require of us all in the current crisis. Third Way Personal faith, questions and weaknesses are honestly shared by a Christian doctor who does not regard the finality of death as failure. Life and Work

"The Truth about AIDS" is published by Kingsway


The Genetic Revolution

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Books - free books on Future Trends

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'Secret research on Embryos' - Sunday Times 'Has Britain really made human clones' - Mail on Sunday 'Doctor's warning over Super Veg' - Scotsman 'Grim genes warning' - Christian Herald 'New call to halt march of genetic engineering' - Universe 'Human pigs horror' - News of the World Startling revelations on page after page . . .

  • Identikit animals cloned routinely
  • More than 80,000 genetically mutated animals born in the UK alone each year
  • Human genes added to sheep, rabbits and fish
  • Serious attempts made to clone humans
  • Designer families may be waiting for tomorrow's parents
  • No labelling for gene foods you are already eating in most countries

Within days of publication over thirty British MPs signed a motion calling for this book's Gene Charter to be adopted by Parliament covering ethical and safety issues. But nothing short of international regulation will do. The book is now in second edition and correctly forecast many major headlines since first published in 1993.

"The Genetic Revolution" is published by Kingsway

Full text of The Genetic Revolution - press here

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The Truth About Westminster

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Futurist Books - free books on Future Trends

Future of Parliament and Democracy.  This important book takes us behind the sleaze headlines to ask what life is really like at Westminster, the mother of all Parliaments? Inside 10 Downing Street on the first day of research, Dr Dixon found that he had open access to the heart of power.  Former senior politicians confessed in private interviews to things they felt deeply ashamed of - and explained the pressures of public office.  While keeping his promise to protect their identities, he swiftly found himself in battles with libel lawyers and other powerful figures in public life who feared disclosure. Thousands of pounds of legal costs later, with a new publisher, "The Truth about Westminster" finally rolled off the presses.

Entire text online - browse it now for free

One former Minister said:

"In a dictatorship I would have been bumped off - I knew too much. Instead I was sacked"

"MPs confessed things to me that made my hair stand on end, The rot is deep and a change of government won't be enough to root it all out."

"Few MPs are corrupt but the system itself is corrupting, and encourages secrecy together with abuse of power. Most people regard politicians with contempt. Unless Westminster thoroughly reforms itself the place will die, losing powers to Europe on the one hand and to Scottish and other regional assemblies on the other."

"The Truth about Westminster" is published by Kingsway

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