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The best Talent Management Tool I have ever seen - free 1 month use - upload your own HR data today - it could transform your entire organisation

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Here's the best talent management tool I have ever seen. And believe me, I see a load of things.

Talent Management is the Next Big Thing in Human Resources

Here is a really brilliant software tool to help you transform your talent management.  I as a global keynote speaker on trends, strategy and leadership, I have presented to thousands of senior HR executives over many years about the future of HR, (eg recruitment, talent management, team development, executive education and staff retention) and very occasionally I see something that really blows me away - like this talent management tool called Talent Lab.  

Every senior HR executive I have shown Talent Lab to has wanted to try it out in their own organisation immediately.  Talent Lab is simple, elegant, intuitive, as a front-end to Excell or any other data set which can be imported.  

And what is more, the talent management output is 5 star-rated Board-quality: arresting visually, so fast, smart and elegant, that it is likely to grab the attention of any CEO of a large company in the first ten seconds.

Looking for a world-class talent management keynote speaker?  Phone / email us now.

Play clip above for instant demo of Talent Lab in UK Parliament

Here is a 60 second video clip of just one or two of its features - here analysing just for fun British Members of Parliament, not by talent, but by their personal expense claims, which we can visualise by Political Party, where they live, gender, age and so on. 

Heads of Global HR have been talking about talent management for years, but talent management tools are really hard to do well. How do you use an HR tool to locate all your best people with a particular talent, skill or experience? How do you use a talent management tool to map remuneration, bonuses and other rewards against performance, to compare individuals, teams, regions, business units?  For example, in seconds Talent Lab will show you who the high and low performers are, and correlate individual performance with salary and bonus to show you the outliers:  people paid much higher or lower than their peers.  If the tool just identifies one or two senior remuneration packages that needs renegotiation, it is likely to pay for itself many times over.

Talent Management means a perfect fit for people in teams

Just like Knowledge Management, Talent Management Projects have often cost a lot of time and effort, and yielded surprisingly little. The key to better talent management is not more so-called Big Data, but focussing on Little Data.  

Big Data is all about big patterns, while Little Data is all about a person, and at the end of the day, that is what world-class talent management is all about: placing each individual in the best fitting role, in the right team, at the right time, to do the right things. Talent management is about more than skills and statistics: its about understanding how each person feels about their job, their career aspirations, family pressures, culture and background.  World-class talent management means being able to map in seconds across the world all the people in the organisation with a particular combination of skills and experience.

The Talent Lab tool allows you to go back in time and therefore also gives you insight into talent management tomorrow. You can track talent gaps in teams as they get filled or become worse.  Track different types of employee by gender, experience, seniority and so on, to see how they trend across the organisation with time.  You can also map hierarchies, and how reporting lines are evolving - and compare different teams. Compare business units and geographies in seconds on any factor you like.

Talent Lab works with hundreds or many thousands of employees in a single sample.  You can use whatever column descriptions / variables you wish - they get picked up automatically from your own data headings.  Any feature can be mapped instantly against two others.

Get your free trial of the Talent Lab Tool for Talent Management - TODAY

So how do you get going with this free talent management tool?  First you go to the Talent Lab website.  Sign up, and you can almost immediately start uploading your own HR data.  However large your organisation, you can use all the features of the talent management tool for a month.

(And yes - I am commercially involved in the Talent Lab venture. Because I have seen such extraordinarily enthusiastic reactions from almost everyone I have ever shown it to.)

Visit the Talent Lab website now...

Are you from a large corporation looking for advice on Talent Management Tools

If you work for a large corporation and want to talk to me, as author of this website, about how the Talent Lab tool works, and advice on how to get it working fast for YOUR team or business unit:

CALL ME on +44 7768 511 390.

Looking for a world-class talent management keynote speaker?  Phone / email us now.

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